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WeatherTech Floor Mats or Maxliner?

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Here's a question,  so on my Chevy Equinox, do I go with WeatherTech floor mats that are higher

link hidden, please login to view

link hidden, please login to view


or go Maxliner on

link hidden, please login to view

link hidden, please login to view


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      This car has nothing but issues, now I have water coming in when it rains and my back seat floor is a puddle. Took my spare tire out and have water in there also. Sprayed the whole car down and can see the water coming in when I spray the roof. Looks like it may be coming from the roof rack area. Took the panels off to look and the roof/body seal may be the culprit. Also found a bulletin on this. I ordered some
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      Is Customized WeatherTech Worth the Investment?
      For more than 30 years,
      link hidden, please login to view has remained an industry staple for high-quality automotive carpet and interior protection. By designing, engineering and manufacturing all its products in the U.S., WeatherTech invests back into American communities by committing to fair labor, sustainability practices and quality assurance standards. The investment you make by shopping WeatherTech is one that directly affects skilled American employees and small businesses everywhere from the fibers used in your favorite floor mats to the equipment used to manufacture them. From the initial product conception to the point of delivery, WeatherTech employs local resources every step of the way. At NAPA, we prioritize the same level of manufacturing standards and performance quality when cultivating our product selections. That’s why we partner with WeatherTech and other quality-driven brands that refuse to cut corners. When it comes to customizing your
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      Vehicle customization isn’t just steering wheel covers and aftermarket tech upgrades; it’s the overall personality of your ride and how the enhancements fit together. While a lot of mainstream brands offer a ‘universal’ fitment for liners, mats and covers, this has the potential to leave uncovered cabin areas exposed to stains and spills. WeatherTech factors in the small contours in each year’s make and model to give you customized, vehicle-specific
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      Without well-fitted vehicle upholstery, lingering spills, dirt and pet dander will always find its way into the cracks and crevices of your ride. And if left untreated, it can get ugly. Even worse, an unseen spill that’s left to marinate in your carpet will lead to foul odors and unsightly stains that’ll have you scrubbing for hours with no end in sight. 
      Guarding your cabin floors and seats against life’s inevitable messes means you get to hold onto the value of your investment for much longer. With something like a classic
      link hidden, please login to view, a nasty grocery spill won’t become a full-on disaster and a pet accident won’t ruin your entire day. Unlike the factory upholstery in your cargo area (or poor-quality covers that fade and stain), you can easily remove and wash WeatherTech liners with mild detergent and warm water to get them back to like-new status. Another way to customize your vehicle’s interior is by investing in a set of
      link hidden, please login to view that you can slip right on and throw in the wash for a quick scrub. They’re a great add-on for those who let their backseat become a catch-all for cargo and work well as a barrier against over-excited furry pals who tracked mud and dirt into your ride. Check out how to link hidden, please login to view for more tips on securing stylish and practical cabin protection. link hidden, please login to viewTo keep your interior cabin cool in the sweltering summer months or your windshield frost-free in the winter, keep a WeatherTech sun shade within reach. Made to fit your exact vehicle, these easy-to-roll, heat-absorbing shades offer great coverage to regulate the interior temps of your ride. Remember, long exposure to intense heat can warp or fade your dashboard, so keep it safe with a
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      Continental has introduced a new floor display as a part of its ClearContact commercial-duty wiper-blades program.
      The display can accommodate an assortment of up to 70 wiper blades that can be selected by the retailer or service facility. Continental will help customize a product mix that best fits the customer’s sales and applications needs.
      The ClearContact commercial-duty line includes 43 part numbers in lengths from 10 to 40 inches. The blades are specially engineered for commercial trucks, RVs, transit buses, school buses, motorcoaches and off-highway vehicles.
      “This high-impact display is an excellent sales tool for service centers, truck stops and parts retailers for commercial-duty vehicles and RVs,” said Laura Huerst, Continental product manager. “It features a very small footprint of 18 inches long by 18 inches wide by 63.5 inches high and the display header card includes a QR code that links directly to an application guide, allowing customers to find the exact blades they need. This gives retailers the ability to stock the wiper blades they sell most often, maximizing coverage with minimal inventory.”
      Continental’s ClearContact commercial-duty wiper blades are designed for a simple and fast installation and come with all the necessary hardware required to install. They feature a reinforced steel frame and precision-cut natural rubber wiper blade to ensure clear vision, edge-to-edge wiping and reliability in all weather conditions. ClearContact commercial-duty blades are available in four designs including flat, five bar, wide saddle and hook. They provide coverage for a wide range of vehicle applications on Class 1 through Class 8 trucks, buses, motorcoaches and Class A, B and C motorhomes.
      For more information, visit
      link hidden, please login to view or contact [email protected]. The post
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    • A-premium Auto Parts:5% OFF with Code GM5.
    • By OEDRO
      You have a lot of options to choosing , but the right floor mats not only can protect your Tesla Model 3's interior but allow you to enjoy driving. Check here to find a more useful guide!

      The advantage of Tesla floor mats
      Tesla Model 3 floor mats can give your car full protection. Whatever you spill the food, beverage, or other stuff on your floor, floor mats can make it easier to clean instead of wiping up the entire floor. Also, it can increase the entire look of your Tesla Model 3's interior, matching your car style. Meanwhile, it can preserve the car's value. Are you willing to buy a used car with stained and sticky floors? The answer is absolute no! Floor mats can make it more desirable to your potential buyers.

      Types of Tesla floor mats
      It mainly includes rubber floor mats, nomad floor mats, fabric floor mats,3D floor mats, of which 3D floor mats are usually more expensive than other types of floor mats and are very high-end.  link hidden, please login to view come with stylish designs and make your Tesla Model 3 look great. Anti-skid features and grooved surfaces make it perfect to help you get away from dirt, mud, and other debris.

      How to choose Tesla Model 3 floor mats?
      There are several factors when you choose the right
      Thicker mats are more comfortable
      Rubber mats are better suited for humid regions, while fabric floor mats require more cleaning.
      Edges and Ridges
      High edges are better at trapping dirt and spills
      Ensure your mats fit properly before buying
      How to install Tesla floor mats?
      Step 1
      Clean the Floor
      Step 2
      Match Each Mat With Its Proper Location
      Step 3
      Place the Mats
      Where to buy good Tesla Model 3 floor mats ?
      link hidden, please login to viewfeature 3D laser real car scanning and fully fit the bottom of the car without interfering with the accelerator or pedal. Due to High elastic TPE, you will feel more comfortable when driving. Meanwhile, the 3-dimensional design of channels and surface grooves can collect water stains, dust, and stains for easy cleaning. OEDRO also provides 2 years warranty, so it is the best place to buy the right Tesla floor mats.

      OEDRO Tesla floor mats use 3D technology comparison to ensure accuracy and tests them with real cars to achieve 100% compatibility. 1 million car-fit data helps you search year, brand, model, and engine so as to fully fit your car.

      We accept unsatisfactory, unopened & unused items within 30 days of your receiving. As a leading retailer of aftermarket car parts, our goal is to give our customers the peace of mind to buy car parts online.

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