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  2. For sale, A 2008 DODGE NITRO WHEEL MAG AFTERMARKET KA Date Listed:06/07/2020 Last Edited:03/06/2020 Warranty:available Visit is @ CAR PART.
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  4. My Catalytic Converter was stolen off of my 2007 Toyota Prius. The shop replacing it does not like Napa replacement parts, but my insurance will not pay if he uses a better part. My questions are: 1. are Napa parts for the cat good still? and 2. Do the parts carry sufficient permanent, non-removable identification so as to identify the manufacturer. Such identification shall be accessible to the greatest extent possible after installation? Thank you, Sharon
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  12. Summer is the main season for “cone zones,” road construction where you will likely hit a bump or two, or come across loose stones and other hazards. These rough road conditions can be tough on a vehicle’s steering and suspension system and can throw out the alignment, while loose stones have the potential to damage the vehicle’s exterior or windshield, according to the non-profit Car Care Council. “Even the most careful motorist, who is driving slowly and carefully through road construction, is bound to hit an unexpected bump or other road hazards,” said Nathan Perrine, executive director, Car Care Council. “Be sure to pay attention to your car and if you think there’s a problem, have it taken care of as soon as possible.” The main symptoms of steering and suspension or wheel alignment problems are uneven tire wear, pulling to one side, noise and vibration while cornering or loss of control. The council recommends that motorists have their vehicles checked out immediately if any of these symptoms exist, as steering and suspension systems are key safety-related components and largely determine the car’s ride and handling. Regardless of road conditions, these systems should be checked annually and a wheel alignment should be performed at the same time. Motorists also should do frequent visual checks of their vehicle’s exterior and windshield to identify any chips, dings or cracks. These are small problems that can become costly repairs and safety hazards if they aren’t taken care of immediately. For information to help you keep your vehicle running dependably and protect its long-term value, visit the Car Care Council’s website at www.carcare.org and sign up for the free custom service schedule. The non-profit Car Care Council is the source of information for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers. For the latest car care news, visit the council’s online media room at http://media.carcare.org. To order a free copy of the popular Car Care Guide, visit the council’s consumer education website at www.carcare.org. The post ‘Cone Zone’ Season Can Be Tough On Vehicles appeared first on Be Car Care Aware. View the full article
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  14. Same issue because we live on a private road. Put up a big mailbox at the end of your driveway or even a big outdoor box, then go to the post master and authorize packages to be left in there. We use for small packages: For large packages, put up an outdoor container something like: Stops the need to go to the post office.
  15. I approved this one topic for your ebay store under our used auto parts forum. Your 5 additional duplicate topics have been deleted. There is no reason to spam our site with multiple duplicate topics. Please keep your posts about your business in this topic only.
  16. I have an extremely similar problem. I have a long driveway (250ft +/-) and my old USPS carrier retired. The new carrier refuses to deliver to my home or deliver to the street. As a frequent Amazon Prime purchaser, I have to go to pick up a stack of packages at the post office a couple times a week. I asked if they can walk, but the PO supervisor says they will not deliver down my driveway if they can't drive there. She also said it is unsafe to backup. I mentioned FedEx, Amazon, UPS, OnTrac, and other deliveries do not have an issue, but she said it does not matter because it is not safe.
  18. We wreck Jeep Dodge and Chrysler and we have parts for nearly all the makes models. We supply parts for all the below vehicles Dodge Nitro Journey Caliber Date Listed:03/06/2020 Last Edited:03/06/2020 Make:Chrysler Warranty:available Condition:used | Visit us at - Car Part
  19. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., July 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. (the “Company” or “O’Reilly”) (Nasdaq: ORLY), a leading retailer in the automotive aftermarket industry, announces the release date for its second quarter 2020 results as Wednesday, July 29, 2020, with a conference call to follow on Thursday, July 30, 2020. View the full article
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  21. Hi Everyone, As an avid car enthusiast, I was tired of rummaging catalogues, magazines and websites to find the best deals on auto parts and accessories. So, I came up with the concept of allowing enthusiasts and others intuitively browse through a large catalog of auto parts and accessories. Purchases become confusing to say the least. Very often, car parts are not available at all outlets requiring multiple trips not only to different vendors but even to the same one. At some point in time, we all get tired, give up and take home something only to find that our purchase is not suited to our budget and needs. This is where Mypafway comes in. From a business perspective we eliminate the manual and redundant processing of print by integrating part inventory online. Mypafway’s primary purpose is the transfer of company and product information in a cost-effective manner. We present information effectively online by streamlining your part inventory to our database. Your time should be better spent on serving your customers and growing your business. If you have any further questions or comments feel free to reach me at [email protected] Thank you.
  22. - S.P. Richards' Core U.S. Operations Sold to Investor Group View the full article
  23. To keep the interior of the car clean, I even bought a special compact vacuum cleaner for the car. Using it, you can blow out all the crumbs and dust from the cracks.
  24. Make sure your Interior always keep clean. Car floor mats is one of the best way to protect your car's carpets. I suggest Carton Fiber floor mats, it is the best alternate for rubber mats. It is suitable for all wheather coditions and easy to clean & wash. So, I prefer it and I got from MudSmart.
  25. Finally got smart. After it died, hooked up the spark tester inline coming from the Coil wire that goes to the distributor.... It died, fitted the tester, cranked it, No spark. Replaced coil on monday all is good so far!!!
  26. Hydraulic pump is connected with the prime mover, and the pump shaft has no additional radial load; while hydraulic motor is connected with the load, such as sprockets, pulleys, gears and so on, its main shaft will bear a higher radial load. 3. The low pressure chamber of the hydraulic pump is usually vacuum.
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