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  4. Hi , if you are looking for a cheap price and best quality parts , please see our online store www.cars245.com
  5. MEMPHIS, Tenn. , Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AutoZone, Inc. (NYSE: AZO) today reported net sales of $4.9 billion for its fourth quarter (16 weeks) ended August 28, 2021 , an increase of 8.1% from the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020 (16 weeks). Domestic same store sales, or sales for storesView the full article
  6. Try yanwen tracking for your shipments as well. Sometimes it gets tough to find a decent shipment Company.
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  8. Good morning Would anyone know what this and what it is used for Many thanks
  9. See what's new at RockAuto in the September Newsletter! Headlines at RockAuto: Dynamic Friction Brake Kits Corvette Forum "Pulley Puller Predicament" Blunder GM "Rope Drive" Trivia Do I Need a New Fuel Pump or Timing Set? Bo's 1982 Honda Civic And More... View the full newsletter on RockAuto.com
  10. Get a 10% instant manufacturer rebate with purchase of select Dynamic Friction Brake Kits.View on RockAuto.com
  11. Get a 10% instant manufacturer rebate with purchase of select Dynamic Friction Brake Kits.View on RockAuto.com
  12. Here it is decal squeegee The multifunction flexible soft material is great for window Tints and PPF applications that will leave no scratching. Easy cleaning for the tint already applied on the windows. I've been using this for 2 years and it's suitable and A must-have tool for PPF and TINT, Vinyl Application. Hope you guys find this useful. Cheers;)
  13. It is important to bed in your new brakes during the installation of new brake pads or brake rotors. Race Brake offers a very simple procedure to Bed Brake Pads. Our installation process should be followed as per the application-specific brake pad installation instructions. The total bedding process should not take more than 10-15 minutes. To know the entire process in detail, visit us today.
  14. Hey guys.... I've been using a product name reflective pinstripe for my car tire rims and they are really good.. I mean really. I have tried couple of other products but the results given by reflective pinstripe is awesome Here are some qualities of it.. * Helps to make your car visible on unlit lanes and low-lit roads. * Helps to reduce curb damage to your wheels. *Can save the time and expense of having your wheels refurbished. *Available in Silver and Red. * Easy to apply in just a few seconds. Hope you guys found it useful...
  15. If you are a truck owner but don't have one Tonneau cover, it’s time to consider one, because there are numerous benefits to getting your truck bed covered. Save gas and save money Importantly, the Tonneau cover can improve gas mileage due to a more streamlined aerodynamic structure, which brings the reduction in air drag when driving, thus increasing the gas mileage. The research finds that you can save more than 12% of gas with Tonneau covers. Increased Security Normally, leaving the personal items in the truck in open will leave you vulnerable to theft, and the exposed material, equipment, toolboxes, etc. can be taken away from your truck. This is where Tonneau covers come in handy, and they can provide the greatest value in safeguarding your personal items. OEDRO Tonneau cover with lock can be an added layer of security, fully protecting the item from falling down the ground when driving. Create a cool look With a sleek design, the Tonneau cover brings your vehicle an elegant and robust appearance, making it look more pleasing and aesthetic to your eye. Maintain Resale Value Tonneau cover also adds an additional value to your pickup truck and your truck’s resale value will be remained by reducing any potential damage to the truck bed. That’s why Tonneau covers always be considered as the most profitable investment for truck owners.
  16. Hello there. Apologies if this is the wrong thread. Please feel free to move... Found this manifold (exhaust?) left behind in a storage locker. Curious what it might be worth and where I might be able to sell it...? Any suggestions? Thanks
  17. Are you searching for the “Wrecking Yards Near Me” on the web? If so, then pause your search at Car Part. We at Car Part offer a list of wrecking yards that perfectly meet your needs. You can contact them for the parts you are looking for. They will notify you of the availability of the part along with the price.
  18. MEMPHIS, Tenn. , Sept. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AutoZone, Inc. (NYSE:AZO), the nation’s leading auto parts retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories, will release results for its fourth quarter ended Saturday, August 28, 2021 , before market open onView the full article
  19. See what's new at RockAuto in the Early Edition of the September Newsletter! Headlines at RockAuto: BSE Mass Air Flow Sensors Prestone Coolant / Antifreeze Alfa Romeo Forum "Time to Get the Big Hammer" Blunder Tow Rope Trivia Maintenance Makes Driving More Enjoyable Dave's 1996 GMC Suburban And More... View the full newsletter on RockAuto.com
  20. Get a 10% instant manufacturer rebate with purchase of select BSE Mass Air Flow Sensors.View on RockAuto.com
  21. Get a 10% instant manufacturer rebate with purchase of select BSE Mass Air Flow Sensors.View on RockAuto.com
  22. We are exporters and distributors of auto parts based in India. We also sell parts in India through our online store www.motrparts.com. We export spare parts across the world for various car brands. We can supply genuine and OEM parts for Mahindra, Hyundai, Ford, Suzuki and Nissan vehicles. We also supply Brembo,Exedy,Valeo,LUK,Gabriel,NGK,KBX and Roulunds parts at a competitive price We will be happy to receive your enquiry for any spare parts and we shall give our best quote for the same. In case you wish to speak to us please do not hesitate to make a WhatsApp call on +91-8999911133 or +91-9840026346 or you may also send a WhatsApp message for quicker conversation.
  23. I need a shock absorber for my car. The part number for my car is 5Q3413031L I’ve found another one online but that part number is 5Q3413031J? can anyone help? from L to J will the part still fit and work? thanks
  24. OEDRO focus on excellent quality and dedicated service for years so as to bring you the best auto parts. We offer hundreds of parts and accessories, outstanding design, coupled with affordable price, our products ensure you have a safe journey. Our experts will help to equip your vehicle with the perfect car parts while adding coolness to your vehicle. Keep your car running in the best condition here. Get 15% off code for all products😍OEDRO15 Shop here
  25. Napa may pay more for the part because they buy less or because they couldn't get the same deal as other companies for any reason. Other shops may sell more alternators in order to charge less and profit more. There's also the usual supply and demand issue to consider. In stores, all costs are multi-dimensional. I recently lost the keys of my car, and I had no duplicate. Instead of changing the lock, I went for a locksmith service, and they made a few pairs of keys for me, so I will have a reserve even if I lose one pair.
  26. Shipping a car is a massive undertaking requiring multiple people and resources. Things can go wrong: you may not receive the goods on time, your drivers may get sick and miss their delivery, or the bad weather may cause delays. To avoid these potential complications, consider having multiple people involved in the shipping process. Or you can work with a trusty vehicle transport company. For example, I always hire them to ship a car for me. Never had any problems with them and always they delivered the vehicles in time.
  27. Are you looking for some stores to buy used or new car parts? If so, then Car Part is the place for you. Rather than sharing a limited list of stores, we at Car Part have come with the list of the best Car Parts Selling Sites. These sites will connect you with a large number of car part sellers across Australia. Without wasting much time, fill out the form and click send a request button. To know more, visit us today.
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