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  2. If one of you has questions, visit wealthtender.
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  4. If, to be honest, your choice isn't that bad. But, it depends on what you want to do with that truck in the future. The truck is quite old, so you will need to repair it somehow. Better find some stations which can fix it. And the principal thing is that the probable company that made the truck doesn't make auto parts for your model. Lookup for a used truck and check https://wealthtender.com/insights/money-management/questions-to-ask-when-buying-a-used-car/ before buying something. Let's hope that you will get the best option.
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  6. Megan Racing rear lower tie bar is designed to get the most from your suspension to improve handling and stability. Made of light-weight aluminum and powder coated a brilliant blue for durability against the elements and a nice finishing touch to the underside of your car, this product is definitely a must for those who know the true value of suspension tuning in their performance machines. High-quality branded Tie Bars available. 1-year limited warranty. Contact us!
  7. MEMPHIS, Tenn. , June 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AutoZone (NYSE:AZO) recognized 17 of its top suppliers at its virtual AutoZone Vendor Partner Summit on June 8, 2021 . The awards honor companies who provided exceptional performance and demonstrated a strong commitment to customer satisfaction View the full article
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  10. See what's new at RockAuto in the Early Edition of the June Newsletter! Headlines at RockAuto: Father's Day Gift Ideas Land Rover Forum "Dad Was Not a Car Guy" Blunder Fuel Tank Trivia Dissecting a Washer Pump Chris' 1979 Ford F150 And More... View the full newsletter on RockAuto.com
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  12. Properly designed and fitted Rear Bumpers enhance the appearance and aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle. Improving your car’s handling at high speeds and its mileage.
  13. That looks like a vintage Ford 3 carb setup. Not sure what it would be worth, you may have to go to a vintage ford forum where there may be some interest and knowledge. I imagine someone restoring something may find value in it.
  14. Get a $5 rebate with purchase of everything for new customer at vz4x4truck.com. Special Code:NEW5 Including: raptor grilles for ford f-150 2004-2008, ford f-150 2009-2014, ford f-150 2015-2017, ford f-250, front bumper, tacoma 2005-2011, etc. Don't miss out! vz4x4truck.com
  15. My brother in law passed away and his wife has this intake manifold carburator set up in the garage and I would like an idea what it is worth
  16. MEMPHIS, Tenn. , May 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AutoZone, Inc. (NYSE: AZO) today reported net sales of $3.7 billion for its third quarter (12 weeks) ended May 8, 2021 , an increase of 31.4% from the third quarter of fiscal 2020 (12 weeks). Domestic same store sales, or sales for stores open at View the full article
  17. The power steering hoses run fairly close to the left side exhaust manifold. And the rubber seems to start suffering after 2 years or so and cracking... Replaced another one today. I was wondering if that exhaust wrap material coukd be wrapped around the rubber portion of the hoses to help protect it from the heat?
  18. See what's new at RockAuto in the May Newsletter! Headlines at RockAuto: BH SENS TPMS Sensors Ford Mustang Forum "I Should Have Worn a Hat" Blunder Michelin and GM Trivia It's Got Cop Suspension Brian's 2005 Morgan Aero 8 And More... View the full newsletter on RockAuto.com
  19. I don't know what to answer. Yes, of course, many old cars mustn't be on public roads, and I believe that the police are doing their job. Anyway, if to speak about retro cars in old conditions they are lovely. I would like to see every day such cars on our roads. I visited a charming car museum that I found on https://www.greatbritishcarjourney.com/. I remained very impressed with how many old cars I saw there. I saw one of the first FIAT in the world. It was something WOW for me. Most important is that my son remained delighted with our visit.
  20. I hate people that are using old retro cars... such cars are not safe!!!
  21. Get the best injector system for your car with high quality and manufacturer warranty. This helps to prevent fuel leakage by ensuring complete combustion.
  22. Finding a good salvage yard, especially for the Holden Models can be a challenging task. In this situation, Car Part is here to help you in finding the best Holden Wreckers Australia. Our recommendations will make it easy for you to find the top auto parts services for your Holden automobile. For the complete details regarding the wreckers, visit us at https://carpart.com.au/blog/recommended-wreckers/recommended-holden-wreckers
  23. This looks really interesting. I would love to learn more more about the auto industry AC systems. I'm currently working on some of my own trying to renovate my house.
  24. I heard that your company is paying quite a little money for a catalytic converter. I am telling you that because I know companies like https://www.scrapi.com/cash-for-scrap-cars can pay you two times a lot of money for the same product. So why don't you check it out by yourself. I nearly sold a converter to you, but happily, one of my friends told me about scrapi and made me change my mind.
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