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  4. Am also doing the business-related to battery wholesale. If you want any discussion please contact us at +61 3 9770 8235
  5. ebay, and also check car-parts.com for used.
  6. Go to rock auto and get the NTK https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/mazda,2004,mx-5+miata,1.8l+l4,1426272,exhaust+&+emission,knock+/+detonation+sensor,5108
  7. Try car-parts.com for interior body parts. Its a list of junk yards.
  8. We are one of the trailer parts manufacturers and exporters in China and have handled with various kinds of products for years. we are looking for parters all over the world to enlarge our business scope.The main products can be found in our website: http://www.load-trailer.com ;
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  10. Hey there! My name is Nelson and I'm looking for a new Knock Sensor for my Mazda MX-5 2004 NB Model. There are two Knock Sensors available, one is from PremierAutoTrades and one is from Tridon. The Tridon model is a TKS110 and the PAT model is KNS-078. I've been looking everywhere online for differences and found nothing! The reason I need to know so badly is because the Tridon is $509 and the PAT is $148. What I'm looking to find out is if there is a better one or if they are pretty much the same. Aany comments on lifetime or quality / response would be helpful! Thank you, very much. All yours mate.
  11. Only professionals can help you better. You need to search for a certified car repair shop who can help you with this issue. You can Google Certified Mercedes Mechanic Near Me to search nearby certified shops. Hope you will find the solution soon.
  12. I generally believe that online VIN checks, reports on Carfax and decoder provide a lot of reliable information when buying and selling a vehicle. I mainly use https://www.faxvin.com/vin-check/rv-motorhome , I like the interface and the speed of service, especially for free. Have any doubts in the car? In a couple of seconds, you can analyze the situation by the identification number
  13. You have don't mention what kind of automotive parts looking for? If you are looking Auto parts (batteries) then HB Battery Specialist can be the right destination for you, where you can browse multiple options for auto parts. You can also purchase batteries at cost effective prices. Our Energizer industrial bulk batteries are for high-tech-devices that are long-lasting and best to power everyday devices. For more information contact us at +61 3 9770 8235
  14. Can someone please tell me what this part is for my ml320? The two silver pieces and the connection hose. I have no idea and the mechanic doesn't know either
  15. I am getting my 2004 350z repainted and I am wanting to replace the exterior door trim around the windows that has become extremely weathered. I can not find it anywhere from Nissan. I need help finding it so I can bring it to the people who are repainting my car. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Teddy, Thanks for your input. I understand and agree with most or your reply. The whole point though, is quality. Otherwise what are you buying? Most of the troublesome parts were made in china. I am more familiar with china made products than I'd like to be. Fact is china is actually ruining the world base product supply. When you take a close look at a china mfgd part, you first find that the metal structure is either castings with small to large holes, covered up with a grey putty, or pressed steel parts where the metal is contaminated causing weak spots and corrosion. You also find parts inside that do not really fit, such as springs that are too long, insulating washers too thin, fastener threads incorrect, and rough mating / moving parts. Then you find dirty solders, missing solders, solder tabs too small for the pc board, and wiring attached to terminals with solder only. On top of that a reliable parts supply for repair of china made products does not exist. The point is that a person or garage cannot even do preventative work without serious risk. It's become better to keep a rusty, corroded part till it dies. China has taken manufacturing to a new all time low, and napa is buying those parts and representing them as quality with both advertising and cost. Car parts that are unreliable is a serious problem for the world.
  17. Napa doesn't make anything so its all just privately branded. That being said, you have to watch what you buy. Rock Auto doesn't have their own brand and sells the manufacturer branded parts directly from other suppliers. The reality is that since rock auto, amazon, and other online sellers hit the market and online purchasing increased, margins dropped because of heavy competition. Large companies like Napa have more overhead than Rock Auto. Rock Auto is drop-shipping, they don't have any warehouses or parts stores. They are order takes and have negotiated with companies like Parts Authority and other WDs to send out (drop ship) their orders. They make much less margin but sell a lot. They have much less overhead; no stores, no large staff of employees, etc., so they can afford to do that. Napa can't sell at those prices without closing some stores, laying off some people, and reducing overhead to operate at lower margins. So...to keep margins higher, Napa renegotiates with manufacturers and sometimes quality suffers because the manufacturers try to make it for less.
  18. Most people who are new to industry have a difficult time knowing the difference between CNC Milling and CNC Turning. these two processes seem quite similar. But they differ from how they operate to complete the desired part. CNC Turning CNC Turning Machines are one of the oldest and simplest forms of machining parts, called “lathes,” and can be either horizontal or vertical depending on the weight and tolerance of the workpiece. The primary function of a CNC Turning Center is that it turns your workpiece. Workpieces for this process are usually round, but can be other shapes — like squares or hexagons. The workpiece is held in place by an instrument known as the “chuck.” The chuck then spins at various RPMs (depending on the capability of your machine). When this occurs, the machine’s tool moves into the rotating workpiece and begins to shave away material to create the desired shape. In this picture, we have a CNC Milling Machine with all the above-mentioned components as well. The top part is the Spindle, which holds the Tool. This part spins at high RPMs and moves back and forth, left and right, up and down to mill away the material.The workpiece, which in this case seems to be a gear or clutch, is held in place by the bed. Some CNC Milling Machines have the capability to move the bed in conjunction with the spindle to attain specific shapes at certain degrees. Because of these capabilities, CNC Milling offers cutting solutions for more complex parts, like engine components, custom tooling, intricate mechanisms and enclosures. Simple In Summary, 1.Cnc turning Machine can handle only cylindrical ,or circular workpiece.While cnc lathe is used for all types of workpiece but relatively less in size. 2.CNC turning machine is turn the workpiece, the CNC milling machine is turn the tool. If you want to know more about cnc, pls feel free to contact me: [email protected]
  19. Maintenance of vehicles is important in order to keep them in good working condition. Now the question is what kind of automotive parts looking for? If you are searching for Battery Packs Online Store, then HBPlus Battery Specialists can be the right destination for you. You can Purchase Bulk Batteries at reasonable prices. Ordering batteries in bulk are a time-saving and cost-effective solution for any business. For more information please visit: https://batteryspecialists.com.au/
  20. GPC's Alliance Automotive Group Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Dutch based PartsPoint Group View the full article
  21. Finding an Auto body is not difficult nowadays due to a connected network system. HB Battery Specialist is world leading Smart Phone Battery Specialists which is offering a wide range of high-quality auto body parts and batteries for all electronic devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, toys, tools etc.
  22. I have been a mechanic for many years. I used to buy Napa Auto Parts almost always. I felt the parts were good quality, although more expensive than others. It does not pay to install poor quality parts on a car, they come back, and bite you! Unfortunately, a few years ago it seems Napa changed their policy on quality. This happened around the time they totally changed the on-line site. Around the same time, I started looking at Rock Auto on-line. Rock Auto offers each part by a few different manufacturers, quality levels, and prices. I started noticing that despite Napa still charging higher prices, they were now supplying the cheapest, lowest quality parts instead of the better quality they were known for. Given that, why would a person order from Napa, when Rock Auto is surprisingly lower priced, and you have a quality level choice . Napa seems to be riding on their previous well known name, while keeping the prices artificially high. Some prime examples of this is, I purchased a starter solenoid, (eckland, Napa's electrical brand), as a preventative measure. The third start-up, after installing, the solenoid froze in the on position, with key off, and kept the starter spinning and engaged until I could unhook one battery terminal. Burned up the relay, starter, and a couple wires. I purchased a rebuilt alternator, took it from the box, and turned it, it felt rough turning, as if there was dirt in the bearing race or defective bearing components. I purchased Napa's best fuel pump, and it was very noisy from day one. I purchased a set of Napa Branded, 2 ton each, jack stands. One of them had a defective casting that would not allow the stop to lock in place. Although it seemed it locked, when weight was applied, it fell. I purchased rebuilt Ford Front calipers from Napa, and with in one year, the unplated soft steel bleeder screws has rusted solid to the caliper! Are other people seeing this too??
  23. Is there anybody interested to purchase auto parts from Amazon? Or eBay? Which part of the product do you care most about,reviews, price or others?
  24. We are auto bumpers manufacturer in Suzhou ,China. Our parts are original with high quality. We accept custom. Our bumpers contain Ford, VW ,GM, Audi ,BMW .BENZ ,etc.If you want to more information, you can look through the website htttp://www.bumpers.com.tw
  25. We manufacture and export bumpers, leaf boards, mid-grid, grilles, lower guard boards . The quality is the same as the original parts. The price is much cheaper than that of the original manufacturer. please contact me for detail information. website: www.bumpers.com.tw
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