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  1. chevyguy

    Advance Auto Parts

    Here in the US, Advance Auto Parts is one of the big 3 aftermarket auto parts companies.
  2. What auto parts do you buy there?
  3. Lately I've been finding great prices on Amazon and Rock Auto, but mostly Amazon because of prime so I voted Amazon.
  4. chevyguy

    What is this exhuast off of?!?!

    Looks like it could be an aftermarket muffler and pipe for like a honda, vw or similar compact car. Are there any engraved numbers on any of the pipe or muffler?
  5. Starting this topic because I'd like to see what everyone is using. I'm currently using Mpow Car Phone Holder which I picked up from Amazon and it works pretty good. I previously had a TaoTronics Car Phone Mount Holder from Amazon that did not hold up well and I had to return it. They sent me a new one though because I had issues with it and refunded me. Both were under $10. I'm also looking at these magnetic holder which seem very nice, specifically Nato Smart Mount. What is everyone using?
  6. So, usually I would go to Valvoline to get my oil changes or do them myself but lately because I've gone to the dealer for some repair, I noticed two of them doing full synthetic 5w-30 Dexos oil changes for $39.99. That's the best price for a full synthetic oil change I have seen and since my GM cars need to have that oil, it's a great deal. So just sharing, if you have a GM car or truck, check the dealer for their oil change prices, they are getting very competitive.
  7. Genuine parts is the mother company of Napa which is why I'm posting it in here. Blackstone has sold its stake in UK-based auto parts distributor Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) to listed US trade buyer Genuine Parts Company in a deal giving the business an enterprise value of $2bn. https://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2017/09/25/genuine-parts-buying-europes-second-largest-auto.html http://www.unquote.com/uk/official-record/3006732/blackstone-sells-aag-to-genuine-parts-company-for-usd2bn
  8. I thought this was in an interesting article if true, in the NY Post today. Carl Icahn, activist investor and shareholder rights champion, can add a third title to his résumé: bathroom monitor. Auto Plus, Icahn’s car parts distributor, has started monitoring the bathroom breaks taken by the Kennesaw, Ga., company’s drivers, The Post has learned. The company requires its drivers, who make runs to service stations to deliver car parts, to log out and then back in when they leave for and return from the facilities, said one part-time Massachusetts driver, speaking on background. The drivers, who earn $11 an hour, still get paid for the potty breaks, but the company monitors their runs to the john so they are not abused, according to the worker. The bathroom monitoring was one of several belt-tightening measures Auto Plus implemented this year, the driver said. It also ended holiday pay, dental and eye coverage and disability benefits for its part-time drivers, who represent the largest portion of its workers, he said. The bathroom monitoring is “ridiculous,” the driver said. “When I asked the human resources person if she has to log her bathroom breaks, she refused to respond.” “I was told that it was a way to keep track when drivers were ready [to make deliveries],” the driver beefed. “How long does it take to take a leak?” When contacted Monday, Andrew Langham, an Icahn Enterprises lawyer, said, “We have over 1,200 stores and this is the first we are hearing of these problems.” Separately, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau on Sept. 20 filed a demand letter to Auto Plus on behalf of the driver, alleging that he has been accruing sick time at a rate that falls below the state legal minimum since Jan. 1, according to a copy of the letter reviewed by The Post. Icahn bought Auto Plus for $340 million in 2015 and found it to be a poorly run business, a source said. http://nypost.com/2017/09/25/carl-icahns-car-parts-company-logs-employee-bathroom-breaks/
  9. Back from vacation and got the equinox back from the dealer. They changed the converter under recall and also changed the fuel pump and an adjustable seat bolt, which were also both under recall. No check engine light and runs great so far.
  10. So we left Saturday on vacation and left the equinox at the dealer to check into the car efficiency code, oil consumption, occasional hard shift, and slow l/f tire leak. So we'll see, they have it for the week. I also dug up a letter from GM for an extended warranty on replacing the cat if needed.
  11. Haven't taken it yet, check engine light still on. Might have to bring it after vacation.
  12. Advance Auto Parts has GearWrench Combination Ratcheting Wrenches for $34.99 Metric Wrenches SAE Wrenches Product Features: The Patented GearWrench® ratcheting box end needs as little as 5#176; of sweep to move a fastener, while a standard 12-point box-end wrench needs 30#176;, or 6x as much room; the flex head tilts 180#176; at any interval with continuous head tension Long bolts and threaded rods are not a problem for the GearWrench®; the ratcheting head allows the wrench to travel the length of the threads without removing the box end from the fastener The thin head and shank allow the GearWrench® into the tightest areas The Surface Drive® box end configuration virtually eliminates the rounding of fasteners; by moving the contact points of the wrench back from the edge of the fastener, the area of flat contact is expanded, distributing the load over a wider area Extremely strong, GearWrench® ratcheting combination wrench meets or exceeds ANSI, DIN and federal torque specifications for standard professional combination wrenches The GearWrench® ratcheting combination wrench is a precision tool and is not intended to free frozen fasteners
  13. Nope, we are going to drop it off at the dealer in a couple of weeks so they can check it out. Hopefully its part of one of the added special warranties...
  14. Yeah, I'm leaning towards a clogged catalytic converter.
  15. Looks like its off of backorder and I have yet to find this for a better price! I had ordered enough for free shipping with $100 order.

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