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  1. That 43 number goes to a volvo according to this ebay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Volvo-S60-01-07-Rear-Right-Passenger-Quarter-Window-Glass-43R000016-/123200437009
  2. How many miles? The 2011 equinox has some service bulletins and the emissions are covered to 150k I believe with special coverage. There's also a fuel pump recall. The cat converter they did for free on my 2011 and fuel pump.
  3. I'm having an issue I can't seem to figure out. I have a scanner and was able to pull some codes but here's what' happening. Randomly, the car will loose power, traction control light and check engine light come on. Here''s what comes up: U0100-71 Lost communication with transmission control module-invalid data (brake control module) U0100-71 Lost communication with transmission control module-invalid data (brake control module) P0300-00 Engine misfire detected (ECM) P124B-00 Cylinder 4 injector high control circuit shorted to control circuit Cleared the codes and the car ran normal for a day or so, then same thing happened and same codes. Took the plastic off the engine and inspected wiring, wiggled wires to see if I can get it to happen again thinking maybe there's a break somewhere with the loss of communication. But nothing. Ran it again fine, but then started to misfire and lights came on. Codes this time were only: U0100-71 Lost communication with transmission control module-invalid data (brake control module) U0100-71 Lost communication with transmission control module-invalid data (brake control module) P0300-00 Engine misfire detected (ECM) I also recall a few months ago, a couple of times my radio would turn off and on by itself like it lost power for a second. This made me think I had some sort of communication or loose power somewhere. I did install a new alternator and battery like 6 months ago so I checked all connections and they are fine. It's random. What could it be? Bad injector but intermittent? Don't they usually just go bad? Shorted wiring causing intermittent issue or loss of communication back to control module? Brake control module issue? ECM issue?
  4. They look like they are in good shape. Any numbers or tags on the inside?
  5. So I had some problems with slippage during some of the hot days. Bought this 2014 chevy equinox AWD used with about 90k on it and I guess the tranny was never serviced. Drained and refilled the fluid in the transmission, which was only about 4 quarts or so (need to flush to get it all) and it was black. Did it again in a week or so to mix in some good fluid. Car ran alright but instead of a slippage, it started to develop a hard shift. Next day, started to drive it and it would all of a sudden rev out like its in neutral. Coasted the car to the side of the road and moved the shifter, but would not engage into drive or reverse. i shut the car off and restarted and then it would go into drive (electronic control) but after a few feet it would pop back into a neutral state with the shift indicator in drive. No codes, no lights.
  6. My other 2014 chevy equinox stared to make noise and after about a week or so it good enough of a hum to be able to identify what wheel was making the noise. I looked around online for a replacement but ended up going with the AC Delco OE from rock auto because the price was less than some of the aftermarket moog and second like versions at the major retailers. Replaced and working good. If you do one of these, you need a slide hammer to get it out, even though it's bolted in.
  7. Got 4 tires mounted and balanced yesterday at a local tire store.They did a great job. I ended up going with a middle of the road all season tire. They sold me 4 a Kelly Edge A/S 225/65HR17 for $100 each plus mounting and balancing. the tire itself seems to have good reviews https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/kelly-edge-as
  8. So a quick update on this, I still have not received this order and got a couple of emails saying they are out of stock. Supposed to ship today from the manufacturer.
  9. That's got to be your exhaust rattling more than likely. Take it to a meineke or local shop that has a welder to see if they can weld a hanger in place for you.
  10. I just ordered this again and its still 3.99 a quart. I ordered enough to get free shipping and used code SAVE30 for another $10 off. Came out to like $3.63 a quart after tax and free shipping. Can't beat that!
  11. Here's a website that has a catalog of older Chevy manuals. There are more than 368 various Chevrolet related Manuals, Booklets, Bulletins and Information (pre-1960), totaling over 26400 pages which are Online for everyone's use. This information is provided FREE and is for research and to help promote the preservation of the Pre & Post-War Chevrolets for future generations. This page is updated regularly with new additions. http://chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com/
  12. Here in the US, Advance Auto Parts is one of the big 3 aftermarket auto parts companies.
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