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  1. Open to the public and available for all channels of the aftermarket, Dorman University provides Web-based access to product training related to Dorman’s growing categories and product offering. Dorman says signing up for its new training is both easy and free. After visiting www.DormanUniversity.com and enrolling in the program, students can begin selecting from a wide variety of available course content including: · An introduction to Hybrid Drive Batteries· Highlights from Dorman’s latest Service Dealer Guide· An overview of Dorman’s TPMS program· An overview of the diesel parts market· Highlights from Dorman’s latest Heavy Duty New Product Guide· New training modules added often Each training module consists of course materials that can be downloaded for easy reference, learning content such as videos or presentations, a brief quiz on the course materials, an opportunity to earn a certificate of completion and a closing review summary. Enroll today to start participating in Dorman University. For additional information on Dorman’s latest product introductions, visit www.DormanProducts.com or call 800-523-2492. Also available on the company’s website are links to the Dorman Products signup and links to the company’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.
  2. Here's Fall 2017 Volume 2 Dorman Dealer Guide
  3. Has anyone use one of these before? I was gifted one and have not installed it yet, mainly the app because the connector is just a plug in. It's supposed to communicate car information to your phone via bluetooth. I am going to play with it and post results. Here's the website https://www.fixdapp.com/how_it_works You can get it on Amazon for $59.99
  4. I agree. I have used this site for years to find local used parts.
  5. Bald eagle spotted eating black cat on downtown Norfolk sidewalk in front of Advance Auto Parts A black cat apparently crossed the wrong path Tuesday afternoon – and ended up as lunch for a bald eagle. Dozens of people crowded around as the eagle ate the cat on the sidewalk. Traffic stopped in front of Advance Auto Parts at 26th Street and Monticello Avenue as drivers took a closer look, said store manager Bobby Rafalski. He’d only ever seen anything remotely like that at a zoo, “not an eagle just randomly in the middle of the city.” The eagle was more than two feet long from head to tail and stood around a foot and a half tall, he said. People were eager to get photos, but they weren’t getting too close. “It’s intimidating. It’s an eagle. It has razor-sharp claws and a razor-sharp beak.” The eagle’s meal, Rafalski said, looked like a fully grown black cat. The eagle nearly picked it clean over the course of about 45 minutes, he said. Employee Carol Sills said there were many birds hanging out on the power lines and street lights as usual, and then suddenly they all took off when the eagle showed up. But once the eagle had landed, people with camera phones flocked. Matt Seniuk, a physics teacher at Norview High School, saw the crowd on Monticello on his way to coach football at Blair Middle. He thought there may have been a fight or an accident, then glimpsed the big bird. “It was surreal. You’re right in the middle of downtown, almost,” Seniuk said. Stranger still: the bird seemed unperturbed by the onlookers. “It was going to enjoy its meal as long as nobody was bothering it.” Seniuk said he’d seen eagles in zoos and while rafting on the Delaware River in his native Pennsylvania. “In the woods you see things, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” he said. He sent his nature-loving mother graphic photos and video of the eagle’s feast. “She said, ‘You could have warned me,’” he said. “But it’s no different from what you’d see on the Science Channel or National Geographic. That’s nature.” And in nature there’s always a predator and prey. Rafalski said the first call to his store Wednesday morning was a weeping woman looking for her missing black cat. “There’s a lot of cats around here. I just tried to reassure her that it probably wasn’t hers.”
  6. Remember when cars and trucks didn’t have all these newfangled sensors, computers and infotainment systems? Back in the old days, everything was simpler – including the commercials. Thanks to YouTube, we can look back (and maybe laugh) at some of the vintage TV ads plugging auto parts. Let us know if we’ve forgotten any good ones. NAPA (1979) Noteworthy: The ad is narrated by the late Joseph Campanella, who appeared in more than 200 films and TV shows during his career. Quoteworthy: “Lots of NAPA parts are better than your car’s original parts.” Carquest (1976) Quoteworthy: “Your car is too big an investment to takes chances on parts and services.” Chief Auto Parts (1984) Noteworthy: The ad features Don Adams, best-known for playing the bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in “Get Smart.” Quoteworthy: “You pay. I’ll drive.” AC Sparkplugs (1954) Noteworthy: The actor Frank Albertson portrays a fictional automotive editor who offers an unsolicited explanation of an AC sparkplugs ad to a colleague. Quoteworthy: “Boy you’ll be amazed and pleased at the difference.” Carquest (1976) Quoteworthy: “Oh George, you’re so clever!” Ford (1940) Noteworthy: In this ad promoting the use of genuine Ford parts, “the parts speak for themselves.” Quoteworthy: “Pardon me folks if I point with pride to a new set of Ford parts inside.” Havoline (1976) Noteworthy: Bob Hope explains that state troopers rely on Havoline motor oil – so you should too. Quoteworthy: “Take away the stuff that makes a trooper car look like a trooper car, and what have you got? Five to 10 in the big house.” Source: http://www.counterman.com/classic-auto-parts-commercials-dont-make-em-like-used/
  7. The Auto Care Association submitted comments Oct. 2 urging the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to relist Alibaba and its family of e-commerce platforms, including Taobao and AliExpress, as notorious markets that facilitate the sale of counterfeit auto parts. The letter was submitted as part of the USTR’s request for comments in identifying internet and physical markets based outside the United States that engage in copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting for its annual Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets Report. “Despite Alibaba’s efforts to address the proliferation of counterfeit products, our members report that their brand protection tools and enforcement program have been unsatisfactory,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. “Not only do counterfeit products threaten the U.S. economy, and impact our members’ sales and brand value, but counterfeit auto parts do not comply with any safety regulations and are a danger to the safety of consumers.” The Auto Care Association submitted comments in response to member complaints regarding the proliferation of online supply chains based in China that allow the online distribution of counterfeit parts. These online B2B and e-commerce sites advertise branded counterfeit products for sale at rates that significantly undercut the margins of members’ original products. In its letter, the Auto Care Association outlined general principles that Alibaba should adopt to address the proliferation of counterfeit products on its various platforms. The Auto Care Association commends the USTR’s efforts to combat piracy and counterfeiting. The association looks forward to continuing this dialogue with the USTR and representatives from the identified websites to protect and enforce intellectual property rights. Source: http://www.autobodynews.com/index.php/national-associations-news/item/13966-auto-care-association-identifies-alibaba-as-notorious-market-for-counterfeit-auto-parts.html
  8. MANN+HUMMEL has designed new brake dust particulate filter that it says substantially reduces the particulates created while braking. According to the company, braking in city traffic creates significantly more dust than exhaust emissions. Every braking action creates brake dust through friction on the brake disc and brake pads. This is mainly comprised of particulates, and due to the small particle size, they are harmful to health and the environment. The brake dust contributes considerably towards the pollution caused by particulates from road traffic. More than 90 percent of brake dust consists of ultra-fine particles which have a negative effect on human health. A study from the World Health Organization came to the conclusion that 92 percent of humans live in areas where air pollution is above the permissible level. After successful lab tests, the brake dust particulate filter is now being tested in the “fine dust eater” fleet by MANN+HUMMEL to measure performance in real driving conditions. The newly developed brake dust particulate filter from MANN+HUMMEL considerably reduces the emission of particulates, and as a result, less brake dust particulates are able to penetrate the ambient air in traffic. The filter can be adapted to existing installation space in the area of the brake disc. The brake dust particulate filter is suitable for use with all types of vehicles, ranging from electric vehicles to hybrid vehicles and conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. The robust housing of the filter fitted close to the brake caliper allows the filter to prevent the emission directly at the source of fine dust to the ambient air. This is especially useful in city traffic, where frequent braking occurs. The filter medium, which efficiently filters the various particle sizes, is made from a material which is resistant to temperature and corrosion. The retention of the fine dust directly at the place where it is created prevents the soiling of alloy rims and to a large extent the tedious removal of the entrenched brake dust . The brake dust particulate filter from MANN+HUMMEL, with its robust design, can be implemented in the existing installation space and also can become a colored styling element. In addition to use in motor cars, the brake dust particulate filter also can be used in commercial vehicles and railway applications.
  9. To learn more, visit http://www.tricoproducts.com/Drivers. This wiper blade obsessed driving instructor teaches one lesson in this defensive driving school ─ change your wiper blades. Even better, choose TRICO® wiper blades when you do! Easy to install and designed to perform under the most extreme weather conditions, TRICO wiper blades let you focus on what matters most – keeping you and your passengers safe.
  10. The retail industry is changing fast and I don't think people are putting enough weight on the continuing shift to eCommerce and price driven buying decisions, even in the automotive parts industry.
  11. CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, has developed three special service kits designed to simplify transmission fluid service on Audi, BMW and VW vehicles. In developing these kits, CRP Automotive brought together two of its brands – Pentosin OE approved fluid (ATF1) and Rein Automotive. The new Pentosin kits feature Pentosin ATF1, a long-life fully synthetic high-performance automatic transmission fluid designed for lifetime application in automatic gearboxes and Rein Automotive OE quality transmission fluid filters. CRP Automotive offers three Pentosin transmission fluid service kit configurations to fit the needs of its professional service customers: Pentosin Kit #1058206-KIT-1 (Audi/VW): Includes 5 Pentosin ATF1 (1L) (OE Part #G052162A2) and 1 Rein Filter Kit (OE Part #01V-398-429) Pentosin Kit #1058206-KIT-2 (VW): Includes 5 Pentosin ATF1 (1L) (OE Part #G055025A2) and 1 Rein Filter Kit (OE Part #09G-325-429-A) Pentosin Kit #1058206-KIT-3 (BMW): Includes 6 Pentosin ATF1 (1L) (OE Part #83-22-2-220-442) and 1 Rein Filter Kit (OE Part #24-11-7-557-070) CRP Automotive Product Manager, Marie Yeager, noted, “Transmission fluid services are an important part of regular maintenance and will help increase transmission service life. According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, 90% of automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating and can often be attributed to transmission fluid that should have been replaced. Completing the recommended interval changes at approximately 50,000 miles can extend vehicle longevity and improve performance.” About CRP Automotive CRP Automotive is a leader in the manufacture, marketing, and supply of OE quality import automotive parts. CRP provides some of the industry’s leading brand names, including AAE Steering Systems, REIN Automotive Parts and Accessories, ContiTech Belts and Kits, Pentosin Technical Fluids, AJUSA Engine Parts and FERTAN Rust Treatment products. All products are backed by the CRP promise of quality and superior service. Founded in 1954, CRP Automotive has established a solid reputation for exceeding its customers’ expectations. CRP maintains key distribution centers in the NAFTA market. For additional information, visit: www.crpautomotive.com
  12. Video: https://vid.thestreet.com/p/105/sp/0/playManifest/protocol/https/entryId/0_xe47f9i8/format/url/flavorParamId/35/video.mp4 TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer said the auto space parts business hasn't declined because of Amazon (AMZN) , as the tech giant has only just moved into the space. "It's too hard to own anything that's related to auto, auto parts," Cramer still reasoned. Advanced Auto Parts (AAP) shares crashed 22% on Tuesday amid weak quarterly earnings. Autozone AZO slumped 3% in sympathy. All of this begs the question. Should Walmart (WMT) jump into the auto parts space on the cheap to head off Amazon? "In this sector, companies can exercise considerable pricing pressure over their vendors, which is what Walmart does well. If you have a competence in distribution like Walmart, it can be very successful," Brian Sponheimer, research analyst at Gabelli & Company told TheStreet in a recent interview.
  13. NEW YORK CITY – Standard Motor Products said it will give away more than $10,000 in prizes as part of the company’s “Why I Trust Standard” promotion. Running through Sept. 30, the promotion’s grand prize is a 2017 Honda ATV. To enter, contestants must upload a video or photo of themselves with their favorite Standard part to the “Why I Trust Standard” promotional tab on the brand’s Facebook page. In the video or photo caption, contestants should share why they trust Standard for their repairs. The entries with the most number of “Likes” will win a corresponding prize. The Grand Prize winner will receive a 2017 Honda ATV. Two second-prize winners will win a Snap-On toolbox, and five third-prize winners will receive a Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker. The first 500 entries will be awarded a commemorative Standard hat. “Standard has been a trusted brand since 1919, and this promotion is an exciting new way to engage with our loyal customers and hear why they trust our parts for their repairs,” said Phil Hutchens, vice president of engine management marketing for Standard Motor Products. The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit www.WhyITrustStandard.com.
  14. Yes it could be a variety of things and the right thing would be to have it diagnosed either at a repair shop or a dealer, unless you are able to run some test on the 02 and exhaust. The other thing to consider is if there are some warranty or added warranty items available on this vehicle. If you haven't already, get your car loaded into myChevy https://my.chevrolet.com/home . You'll be able to see if there are any recalls and service items extended to 150k. Some of these GM vehicles have additional coverage added to them because of known issues and some include the catalytic converter, fuel pump, and also oil consumption which could trigger your code as well.

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