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  1. Napa doesn't make anything so its all just privately branded. That being said, you have to watch what you buy. Rock Auto doesn't have their own brand and sells the manufacturer branded parts directly from other suppliers. The reality is that since rock auto, amazon, and other online sellers hit the market and online purchasing increased, margins dropped because of heavy competition. Large companies like Napa have more overhead than Rock Auto. Rock Auto is drop-shipping, they don't have any warehouses or parts stores. They are order takes and have negotiated with companies like Parts Authority
  2. I have and usually the pricing is cheaper, but lookout for knockoffs from china.
  3. Do you work for them? Looks like a promotion topic 🤬
  4. Wow, that's ridiculous that it took so long and they didn't even do a good job. Looks like it's Smith's Auto Supply in Washington Pa. When you see that, it's a Napa independent and not a Napa corporate store, so they run their own business with distribution from Napa. Looks like you gave them a negative review already, that's too bad they couldn't make it right for you. Are there any other machine shops and parts stores in the area?
  5. The wall street journal posted this article, good read... Latest U.S. Tariffs Could Make Auto Parts Pricier The U.S. imports about $10 billion a year in auto parts from Chinese manufacturers, leaving few alternative suppliers after new tariffs take effect SHANGHAI—The Trump administration’s latest tariffs will hammer Chinese auto-parts makers, likely raising prices for their U.S. customers, who have few options to buy key parts elsewhere, manufacturers and industry experts say. The new tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese-made goods, announced Monday and set to take effec
  6. I agree with @MCT about Rockauto and I always check amazon as well although rockauto has the best pricing but you need to factor in the shipping to see if its still the best after that because retailers like Advance, Autozone, and O'Reilly will offer you free shipping and discount codes but the parts are higher priced. So check around and net it down to final costs after shipping and tax. The plus about going to a retailer is that if you need to exchange or return, it's easier.
  7. Looks like a seat or seat belt bolt. Look to see if you have a bolt missing.
  8. Probably a restocking fee. Read the fine print.
  9. It'll be interesting to see how this takes shape. Online sales are huge and a missed revenue source for some states.
  10. I'm the same, really depends but I always check Amazon. Lately, Rock Auto has been the best price on high quality parts even with shipping. I prefer to go with higher quality to not do the job again. If I can get a better price on the same part, I go for it. Nowadays it's really all about getting the best price and with the internet, you can shop around in the comfort of your house or on mobile when on the move.
  11. Teddy

    Tire Rack

    Tire rack has some good deals but you have to really look around I find when it comes to tires. You may find the same deal or better going to a tire retailer when they run promos..
  12. The online market for after-market car parts, by some estimates expected to top $10 billion in the next few years, represents an interesting opportunity both for established retailers that could grab market share as consumers move online—and companies like Amazon, that will look to grab those same shoppers. Investors have been sensitive to the threat Amazon presents for a while now. Early last year, when news broke that the company was targeting the market, sector stocks took a tumble. Is it useless to resist the oncoming behemoth? Perhaps not. In a Friday report, Raymond James an
  13. Check it this guy Arthur Tussik repairing cars after accidents. https://www.youtube.com/user/tussik01/videos
  14. Wow, that's pretty good considering how the last years has been for Autozone, Advance, and O'Reilly, They should get a stock boost from this today and the rest of the players in this segment.
  15. Check out his video vault http://www.bsfautoparts.com/bsf-video-vault/ funny guy and obviously did something right to sell and secure a position with a corporation.

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