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    Try Rock Auto. My brother uses them a lot for his truck and their car. This should be the right link https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford,2006,f-150
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    PREMIER PARTS AUTO PARTS TRG . located in the UAE, which gives us the following advantages: individual, privileged relationships with major dealers, airlines and transportation companies in the region; cutting out the middlemen ensures minimum price and delivery time, reduces errors, and enables quick response to any queries or changes to orders. We are continuously improving our logistics network and arrangements. We can deliver goods to any city in the world and completely take care of shipping. We have created and run our own software for almost a decade. The system helps automate and optimize processes as well as eliminate "human factor" errors in all steps of processing an order. Our web services allow our customers to receive information about orders as well as add orders automatically.
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    You might want to check carid.com, I just ordered from them and they were cheaper than rockauto on walker exhaust.
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    I agree with @MCT about Rockauto and I always check amazon as well although rockauto has the best pricing but you need to factor in the shipping to see if its still the best after that because retailers like Advance, Autozone, and O'Reilly will offer you free shipping and discount codes but the parts are higher priced. So check around and net it down to final costs after shipping and tax. The plus about going to a retailer is that if you need to exchange or return, it's easier.
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    Dang, that thing looks cool and fun! Just wish i had dealer close by and i'd picking up on in a heartbeat! and Welcome to Auto Parts forum!

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