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    • By Thomas Metcalf
      I wanted to know if y’all could tell me if this is real or not! I don’t mind if it isn’t, but would just like to know, thanks!

    • By chevyguy
      My 2014 has an exhaust smell in the cabin which is more noticeable when idling. I read online that the exhaust manifolds crack. Well today I’m getting into this and it’s a bitch. The secondary air injection is in the way on this model to access the exhaust manifold heat shield. 
      Finally got the heat shield of and can see a crack...

      Now trying to remove and replace it. Got the O2 sensor out and it’s in bad shape!

    • By James TheSuper Finch
      Ive done a little research but i cant figure out what the damn things out of my guess is subaru but not sure what kind

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    • By Hperez410
      Bought for a Silverado and it does not fit. Anyone know what vehicle this trailer hitch fits? It is from Curt. Photos attached in album. 

    • By levinll
      I am definitely not a gearhead so please ignore my ignorance regarding this item.
      I picked up this item at a garage sale and I'm trying to identify:
      Who made this part What make/model/year it was used in Is it called a speedometer or is it called something else ? Thanks in advance for your help..

    • By Jordan Darnell
      Can someone please tell me what the part name of this is? I need to find a new one and simply cannot locate it anywhere online for some reason. I figured driverside hub assembly shield or guard would suffice but apparently not. Much appreciated! 

    • By chevyguy
      Got 4 tires mounted and balanced yesterday at a local tire store.They did a great job. I ended up going with a middle of the road all season tire. They sold me 4 a Kelly Edge A/S 225/65HR17 for $100 each plus mounting and balancing. the tire itself seems to have good reviews https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/kelly-edge-as

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