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  1. I think this is a Relay which is used for power the electronic system installed in your car, it could either be off your car headlights or any other electronic part, It would be best to ask your mechanic regarding the part.
  2. This to me looks more like a Honda Exhaust, I would recommend to search for engravement on the part as most of the auto-part makers engrave their brand name to differentiate their product from that of the competitors.
  3. If you want premium quality parts at the best market rates, then I would recommend you to go and have a look at Muffler Express, they offers aftermarket parts, OEM parts and performance enhancing parts for various brand vehicle manufacturers including Audi, Honda, Mercedes, Chevrolet, and Pontiac etc.
  4. I prefer to buy aftermarket car parts instead of OEM due to the fact that aftermarket car parts are less costly as compared to OEM. Choosing aftermarket car parts gives you a variety of options and they are easily available, whereas OEM parts on the other hand are not readily available and in order to purchase an OEM part you will have to contact your care manufacturer. Lastly, and most importantly, aftermarkets parts have been known to perform better then the original parts in certain cases.
  5. I own a Chevrolet Camaro, for which I usually buy parts and accessories from Muffler Express, they offer wide range of auto parts for different models of vehicles including catalytic converters, high performance mufflers, as well as aftermarket exhaust muffler.
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