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Introduction of brushless automobile water pump

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    The motor torque is through the silicon (stator) on the coil after the electricity generated magnetic field LED permanent magnet (rotor) operation. A magnetic system with a complete coupling of n (n-even)-filled magnets to make the parts of a magnet mutually integral. When the magnetic pole of the stator coil is opposite to the magnet's magnetic pole, that is, the displacement angle between the two poles is φ=0, the magnetic energy is the lowest, and the magnetic energy is the largest when the magnetic pole rotates to the same pole, i.e. the displacement angle between the two poles is φ=2π/n. After removing the external force, the magnetic force will restore the magnet to the lowest energy state due to the repulsion of the magnet. So the magnet produces movement, driving the magnetic rotor rotation, brushless pump impeller driving force is brushless motor.

    Brushless water pump through electronic commutation, no need to use carbon brushes, magnet rotor and stator silicon have multistage magnetic field, when the magnet rotor relative to the stator rotation angle will automatically change the direction of the pole, so that the rotor always maintain the same pole rejection, so that brushless DC magnetic isolation pump has a higher speed and efficiency.

    Feilong electric water pump, high quality, good price. Welcome to get more information.

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