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Alternator Identification

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 I was just wondering if somebody can help me identify what vehicles this alternator works on. I have attached some photos that I took. I researched the numbers and couldn't find anything. Those are the only numbers that are on it. I thought somebody might be able to point me in the right direction for someone to help me. I was told it was a Remy remanufactured alternator. Thanks. 

image1 (12).jpeg

image0 (19).jpeg

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      I am curious if anyone can identify this part, as I believe it may have fallen off my Volvo XC70. Thank you. 

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      Ignoring signs your alternator is bad can lead to catastrophic results. How long does an alternator last? This is a common question among drivers, especially those who, upon sliding the key in the ignition, are left hearing a clicking sound instead of the glorious roaring of the engine.
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      Working on a 2002 Dodge ram 1500 need identification on this part if anybody knows what it is thank you

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