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Looking for identification


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    • By Nabbic
      This may be a long shot, but I am really not certain what this is and especially not clue how to specifically identify it so I am hoping some of you folks might be able to help.
      I found this while converting my shed to an office. It was tucked away in the loft of my shed for who knows how long. I certainly didn't put it up there so had to be the previous homeowner.
      The only numbering I can see is the "2450" Sticker shown in the picture below. I don't see anything that is etched on anywhere.
      For size reference the plywood in the picture is 4ft x 13.5in
      Happy to provide more pictures if needed. Or anything else required to help identify.

    • By janetteK
      anyone interested in changing steering wheel or cover for Tesla Model 3/Y? we got it!
      please check out our website, all parts can be customized for defferent colors and materials

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    • By Brett
      I was just wondering if somebody can help me identify what vehicles this alternator works on. I have attached some photos that I took. I researched the numbers and couldn't find anything. Those are the only numbers that are on it. I thought somebody might be able to point me in the right direction for someone to help me. I was told it was a Remy remanufactured alternator. Thanks. 

    • By thallex
      Hello. The car in question is a 2019 Kia Optima S. 

      My Goal is to find (or have made) a cover for a set of push buttons the car has for the trunk, the gas lid, etc. I wanted to hide those buttons with a cover and to make it so it snaps shut and cant be manipulated say (with a stick or branch thru a cracked open window) so they cant get into my car through the trunk. the switches are all huddled together and make a rectangular box shape...something in my head yells paranoia with those buttons being so visible and so easy to push.
      Thx for any and all information. I know It's a crazy long shot and my paranoia is just getting the best of me but it seems to be such a dumb oversight for push buttons if you ask me.
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    • By Lyons97
      Hi all, I'm looking for a heater and ac climate control module and cable set. Any information is greatly appreciated! 

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