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  1. What's the difference in hydraulic pump?
  2. Very informative. What the plastic component that used for insulation?
  3. I'm not sure they are still selling 3m USB Cord.It could be available in Amazon or Ebay. I have that cord long time ago.
  4. Very informative. We hoped that some car battery manufacturers can innovate for having resistant to extreme climate like summer or winter.
  5. I guess you have to find another cellphone model. Here is my suggestion for placing your cellphone holder in driver's side. Again, it will depend to your cellphone holder model. I hoped it helps to you.
  6. Very informative. I have a situational question. For example, I used my car everyday. The brake on wheels are stilling working. How often should replace the brake rotor?
  7. Upon checking their Amazon Store, it has no price show in the product. How much this tools that you purchased?
  8. I guess to you have visit to your nearest service center of Toyota to inquire the high quality spare parts.
  9. There are many store owners and distributors selling their auto parts via Ebay or Amazon. Before you open the store in any e-commerce site, you have to get first a quote for tax and shipment fee and insurance policy during shipping the goods. Aside from that, you have inquire to the webmaster of e-commerce sites regarding the policy and rules & regulation when you sell the auto parts product.
  10. I'm pleased to hear that. Anyway, I believe that could be the wire that goes to spark are not properly connected or the spark plug it self has lot of dirt.
  11. Did you read the tires review for that model?
  12. It's seems the Rising of Tesla Car since Elon Musk introduced this technology.
  13. Also, how they giving an importance to small businesses and retailers? This could be the policy is too restricted than other one so that's why some retailers are closed their old store then signup a new account in competitors e-commerce site.
  14. USPS is affordable shipment fee the but the service is like a turtle. We have to wait for couple of weeks or months before they deliver the ordered item into shipment address.
  15. Before we purchase, we have to check first the product reviews and customer feedback to prevent any inconveniences during transaction. Also, you to consider your budget to buy the spare parts as long as durable and heavy duty. I hoped it helps to you.
  16. Very informative. But I have a question. Which Auto Parts is the most expensive for replacement?
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