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  1. That's an idler arm bushing. Take a look at https://www.carid.com/1963-ford-fairlane-steering-arms-links/
  2. I was going to give you a site for US junkyards but looks like you are in another country, based on that license plate 😎
  3. Hard to say without a wiring diagram. That pdf link in that topic is a dead link.
  4. Might be inside the rack and pinion or a sensor. Any lights on the dash? Check this gm article out https://gm.oemdtc.com/4286/loss-of-electric-power-steering-assist-2007-2012-chevrolet-pontiac-saturn
  5. That looks like a fuel injector. can you take a picture of the bottom and top?
  6. That looks like a steering shaft connector to the gear box.
  7. First try to find out what they fit but because they are 20 series and low profile, I would try to get $150-250 each so $600-1000 as long as the rims aren't bent or damaged.
  8. I'm surprised you are having so many issues with aftermarket axles. Vibration and shaking is usually caused from the axle being out of balance. Try rockauto and carid to see how much the axle is. Also go to a carquest store and see if they can get you an axle from worldpac which will be like OE but cheaper.
  9. ebay, and also check car-parts.com for used.
  10. Go to rock auto and get the NTK https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/mazda,2004,mx-5+miata,1.8l+l4,1426272,exhaust+&+emission,knock+/+detonation+sensor,5108
  11. Try car-parts.com for interior body parts. Its a list of junk yards.
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