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  1. ebay, and also check car-parts.com for used.
  2. Go to rock auto and get the NTK https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/mazda,2004,mx-5+miata,1.8l+l4,1426272,exhaust+&+emission,knock+/+detonation+sensor,5108
  3. Try car-parts.com for interior body parts. Its a list of junk yards.
  4. I have and they are fine to use. I usually stick with Moog but Mevotech is considered a strong second line.
  5. What year is it? I would try to find a Mitsubishi parts website with diagrams to identify the part.
  6. On the intake is for brakes if needed and then I think you have a temp sending unit on the right and then on the right side is coolant passage. Who makes this manifold? Often you can find instructions like https://www.jegs.com/InstallationInstructions/300/350/350-75164.pdf
  7. You might want to check carid.com, I just ordered from them and they were cheaper than rockauto on walker exhaust.
  8. Any updated codes? Was going to buy an exhaust system but $50 shipping is a tough one.
  9. I had my credit card stolen and charges appeared from Alibaba a few years back! Luckily the credit card company cancelled them and called me...
  10. Performance Specialty Disc Pads Raybestos® Performance Specialty Disc Pads provide superior stopping power for extreme-sport drivers. Our Performance line is designed for domestic and foreign performance applications. It provides aggressive braking on various road surfaces and endurance through a wide variety of temperature ranges. With an initial offering of 105 SKUs, our Performance line covers over 3,400 applications. This includes popular, high-performance domestic and import applications. When using Performance pads, you can expect: Superior braking for street performance Stability, consistency and fade resistance Materials Raybestos® Performance Specialty Disc Pads offer semi-metallic formulations. Design Our Performance line is designed specifically for the demanding conditions needed in the street performance market. Shims Noise damping, multi-layer premium shims provide quiet operation. Hardware Where applicable, brake hardware is included for easy installation. Our Performance line undergoes extensive high-temperature testing to ensure optimum performance. Our full-coverage line includes part numbers for many applications on the road today, including domestic muscle cars, sport cars and import tuner cars such as: Chevy Ford Dodge GMC Audi BMW Cadillac Mazda Porsche Infiniti Nissan Honda and Many More! The Raybestos® Performance line provides sport drivers exceptionally high torque and a superior feel in a street pad. These brake pads provide the aggressive braking required while still operating at a quieter level than the competition. https://www.brakepartsinc.com/raybestos/en-us/products/brake-pads/specialty/performance
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