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  1. Hello all! I am deciding what tires to select for the approaching winter. I am thinking about Michelin MXV4 All-Season Tires or Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires Have anyone tried them in wet? Or maybe you have some other options Thank you in advance
  2. Not sure if you still need it but here is a link to a tire shop. personally I haven't ordered there but people in my community have. they ordered tires there at discount price, got them shipped and installed locally. so it turned out to be cheaper than to buy tires locally and install them locally. even including shipping costs. However this shop sells mostly used tires, if you are ok with buying used, then u can give it a shot.
  3. Thank you! their website looks a little odd, as if they haven't updated it since 2001. However, I will go through the inventory and compare prices. Thanks again!
  4. Hello all! I need to buy some parts for my 2006 f150. The last decent parts shop was closed last month. There are two choices i'm facing right now: get in the car and drive 70 miles to the closest shop (need to check is it still exists though) or order parts online. I run into one website and they might have what I need. However I'm not accustomed to buy goods online. Have some of you had experience with this online truck parts shop? They have some reviews here and there but I'm not a big believer in reviews. Or maybe you can drop a link to a website where you ordered parts. It'd be great thanks in advance
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