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CRP Automotive Introduces Special Pentosin Transmission Fluid Service Kits

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CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, has developed three special service kits designed to simplify transmission fluid service on Audi, BMW and VW vehicles. In developing these kits, CRP Automotive brought together two of its brands – Pentosin OE approved fluid (ATF1) and Rein Automotive.

The new Pentosin kits feature Pentosin ATF1, a long-life fully synthetic high-performance automatic transmission fluid designed for lifetime application in automatic gearboxes and Rein Automotive OE quality transmission fluid filters.

CRP Automotive offers three Pentosin transmission fluid service kit configurations to fit the needs of its professional service customers:

Pentosin Kit #1058206-KIT-1 (Audi/VW): Includes 5 Pentosin ATF1 (1L) (OE Part #G052162A2) and 1 Rein Filter Kit (OE Part #01V-398-429)

Pentosin Kit #1058206-KIT-2 (VW): Includes 5 Pentosin ATF1 (1L) (OE Part #G055025A2) and 1 Rein Filter Kit (OE Part #09G-325-429-A)

Pentosin Kit #1058206-KIT-3 (BMW): Includes 6 Pentosin ATF1 (1L) (OE Part #83-22-2-220-442) and 1 Rein Filter Kit (OE Part #24-11-7-557-070)

CRP Automotive Product Manager, Marie Yeager, noted, “Transmission fluid services are an important part of regular maintenance and will help increase transmission service life. According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, 90% of automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating and can often be attributed to transmission fluid that should have been replaced. Completing the recommended interval changes at approximately 50,000 miles can extend vehicle longevity and improve performance.”




About CRP Automotive

CRP Automotive is a leader in the manufacture, marketing, and supply of OE quality import automotive parts. CRP provides some of the industry’s leading brand names, including AAE Steering Systems, REIN Automotive Parts and Accessories, ContiTech Belts and Kits, Pentosin Technical Fluids, AJUSA Engine Parts and FERTAN Rust Treatment products. All products are backed by the CRP promise of quality and superior service. Founded in 1954, CRP Automotive has established a solid reputation for exceeding its customers’ expectations. CRP maintains key distribution centers in the NAFTA market.

For additional information, visit: www.crpautomotive.com


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