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Free forging of parts blank

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Free forging is a kind of forging method which uses impact force or pressure to make the metal form freely in all directions between the top and bottom of the anvil surface without any restriction to obtain the required shape, size and certain mechanical properties of the forging.

The equipment of free forging can be divided into two categories: forging hammer and hydraulic press. The hammer used in production is air hammer and steam air hammer. Hydraulic press is the only way to produce large forgings by using the static pressure generated by liquid to deform the blank.

Basic process of free forging

(1) The upsetting-one upsetting is a forging process which makes the cross-section of blank larger and the height smaller. There are two kinds of upsetting: integral upsetting and partial upsetting. (2) Drawing-drawing is contrary to upsetting, and is a forging process which makes the length of blank increase and the cross section decrease.

(3) The punching process of punching holes or blind holes on billets.

Characteristics and application of free forging

Free forging is to control the shape and size of forgings by manual operation, so the forgings have low precision, large machining margin, high labor intensity, and low productivity. Therefore, it is mainly used in single-piece and small-batch production with simple structure and shape of forgings.


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