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1. structure of Brushless DC water pump

The water pump used in the car is higher than the ordinary water pump in the structure and performance requirements: the working environment of the motor pump is poor, it should be able to prevent vibration, moisture-proof, heat resistant, especially for the stability of the pump, and the reliability of the water pump has higher requirements for the magnet rotor of the brushless DC centrifugal pump and the impeller. The rotor is in the middle of the rotor. The shaft sleeve is the direct injection molding shaft sleeve. The shaft sleeve is fixed in the rotor body with high endurance grinding graphite. The stator and the circuit board part of the motor are sealed in the pump body with epoxy resin adhesive. The stator and the rotor are a cavity. The pump cavity is connected with the rotor cavity of the motor. The rotor cavity of the motor is completely isolated from the motor stator and motor control. The rotating shaft is the rotating shaft. With high smooth, high strength zirconia finish, the shaft connects the motor with the pump body, without the traditional mechanical shaft seal, so it is completely sealed and the torque of the leakproof motor is produced by the magnetic field of the coil on the sand steel sheet (stator) to drive the permanent magnetic magnetic iron (rotor) to work. N (n is even) order magnetization of a magnet makes the parts of the magnet form a fully coupled magnetic system. When the magnetic pole produced by the stator coil is opposite to the magnetic pole of the magnet, that is, the displacement angle between the two poles is the lowest than that of the time magnetic system; when the magnetic pole rotates to the same pole, that is,The displacement angle between the two poles is 2 T / n, and the magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the maximum. After removing the external force, the magnetic poles of the magnetic system repel each other, and the magnetic force will restore the magnet to the lowest state of magnetic energy. So the magnet produces motion to drive the rotor rotation: the driving force of the brushless pump impeller is the brushless motor brushless DC pump through the electronic commutation, without the use of carbon brush, the magnet rotor and the stator sand steel sheet all have multilevel magnetic field, and the rotor will automatically change the direction of the magnetic pole when the rotor is rotated relative to the stator, so that the rotor is always kept in the same direction. It makes the stator and rotor of the brushless DC centrifugal motor pump completely isolated and completely avoids the liquid leakage of the traditional brushless DC pump. And it can be fully dive and completely waterproof, effectively improving the service life and performance of the pump, so the brushless does not need the lubricating grease of the pump bearing, and there is no seal pad and oil seal.

2. the brushed DC motor pump has a brushed DC motor pump, and the bearing of the pump shaft is lubricated by grease. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the leakage of the coolant to the lubricating grease and prevent the leakage of the coolant. Water seal and gasket are used to prevent leakage of water pump. The water seal ring and shaft are fitted between the impeller and the bearing through interference, and the water seal static seal is tightly leaned to the shell of the pump, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing the cooling fluid, the magnet of the brushed DC centrifugal pump and the impeller are injected into the rotor of the motor. There are direct injection molding axle bushes in the middle of the rotor, through the high performance pottery. The ceramic shaft is fixed in the shell. The stator of the motor and some meter of the circuit board are sealed in the pump body with epoxy resin glue. There is a thin wall between the stator and the rotor, and it is completely sealed without the traditional mechanical shaft seal. The torque of the motor is through the coil on the sand steel sheet (stator) to generate magnetic field to drive the permanent magnet (rotor) to work. Its electromagnetic working principle is the same as the brushless pump motor. In short: brushless pump electronics commutation: brush pump motor is mechanical commutation: brush pump impeller drive is brush motor.

Thanks for the help of the Chongqing Feilong Jiangli Auto Parts Technical deptAnd welcome to share the idea with us. Thanks


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