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94 Cheverolet Suburban

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1994 Chevy suburban,  It's been having trouble starting lately.  Turn the key and nothing, the fuel pump runs and all the lights work. Sometimes banging the steering column where the blinker and light switch is and sometimes it'll work.

 Most days it starts up fine. Im convinced it has a mind of its own!  But it looks like a starter wire might be lose going to the starter. haven't had the time to check it out good yet.

 Any ideas what could be causing it IF it isn't the wire?

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Banging the steering column would make me think that the ignition switch is faulty. Maybe its a coincidence?  Could it be an issue with your starter? Is the solenoid clicking at all? Could be that the starter is landing when shut off on a low spot and tapping it with a hammer sometimes will get it to start. If that's the case, you have a bad starter.

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Well, it's doing it again. And it doesn't start only when the steering wheel DOESN'T lock. And I wiggle the wires and it'll fire right up.

 I'm wondering if the wires themselves are  falling apart inside the coating ??

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