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Machining is very popular to be used in auto parts

Jerry Zhang

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CNC lathe machining is a procedure for change the workpiece’s dimensions. There are two categories according to the difference of processing method, One is CNC lathe machining, the other is press working.


What is CNC lathe machining

1. CNC lathe machining definition

CNC lathe machining is a procedure for change the workpiece’s dimensions. There are two categories according to the difference of processing method, One is CNC lathe machining, the other is press working.


CNC lathe machining Function: Change the workpiece’s dimensions


CNC lathe machining, Press working Technics Process: Casting, Forging, Stamping, welding

2. Catalog:

(1) Fundamental process

(1.1) Productive Process
(1.2) Productive Category
(1.3) Process Planning

(2) The instruction for benchmark

(2.1) Definition
(2.2) Category

(3) CNC lathe machining Processing Cushion

(4) Scope of application

(5) Types of equipment

(6) China CNC lathe machining manufacturers

3. CNC lathe machining fundamental process

(i) Productive Process

Types of equipment productive processes are the process for making the products from raw material (unfinished blanks).
Types of equipment productive process include raw material transit and storage,
CNC lathe machining production preparing, unfinished blank making,
Precision parts’ CNC lathe machining and heat treatment, precision parts’ assembling, test, painting, and package, etc.

Technics process

In the productive process, there is a technical process.
Technics process is the process to change the workpiece’s shape, dimensions, positions, and character, etc, and make the workpiece to finished precision parts or unfinished blanks.
Technics process is a key part of the productive process.
Technics process includes casting, forging, stamping, welding, CNC lathe machining, assembling, etc.
Types of equipment production technics process include precision parts’ equipment production technics process and types of equipment assembling technics process.

Auxiliary processes

Others are auxiliary processes, for example, transit, storage, power supply, equipment repair, etc.
Technics process also consists of one or several tactic processes, one process consists of several steps.
A process is an elementary unit for types of equipment production technics process.

Process definition

Process definition is the technics process, that one worker (several workers) finish production continuously on one machine (or one position) for the same workpiece (or several workpieces).
The main characteristic of the process is that it doesn’t change the workpiece, types of equipment, or operator, and continuously.
The step is based on the same CNC lathe machining surface, the same CNC lathe machining tools and the same volume of feed
The Feed is a working process, which is a step for production finish on the workpiece’s surface by tools.

Technics flow

When making the types of equipment’s technics process, you have to make sure how many steps the workpiece needs and the sequence.
Technics flow is a simple process of key processes and sequences.
Technics flow is very important for making technics process,
Its function is to select the correct processing method for each surface, make sure the sequence of each surface, and the number of processes.

(ii) Productive Category

Productive Categories are usually divided into three categories,

a. Single workpiece production:

Manufacture different structures’ and dimensions’ workpiece separately, and seldom repeat.

b. Batch production:

Manufacture the same structure and dimensions’ workpiece among one year, there is some repeatability in the manufacturing process.

c. Mass production:

The quantity is huge, manufacture the same process in the same place.

(iii) Process planning

Planning principle

1. Every technological procedure is planned to make sure the quality of precision parts (types of equipment assembling), And reaches all the specifications as the drawing requests.
2. The technological procedure should have high productivity, The products made by technological procedures should be launched as fast as possible.
3. Try our best to decrease the production cost
4. Pay attention to reduce the intensity of labor to ensure production safety.

Raw data

1.Assembling drawing, precision parts drawings
2.Inspection quality standard
3.Yearly production program
4.Conditions of manufacture, including types of equipment and specification, performance and current status, workers’ technological level, power and water supply, etc.
5.Process planning, manual, and standard.
6.Advanced manufacture data


1. Analysis product’s assembling drawing and precision parts’drawings.
2. Confirm the blank
3. Make technics flow and ensure the position reference surface
4. Prepare the types of equipment according to each preocess
5. Prepare the blades, jigs, measuring implement, and auxiliary tools
6. Ensure the specification and inspection method for each process
7. Ensure the allowance for CNC lathe machining, calculate the size and tolerance
8. Ensure the cutting parameters
9. Ensure the production time

4. The instruction for benchmark of CNC lathe machining

(i) Definition

Precision part consists of several surfaces,
When analyzing the relative relation of the surfaces, you must confirm a benchmark.
Benchmark is a dot, line, and surface to confirm the part’s dot, line, and surface.
According to the different functions of the benchmarks, there two categories,
One is the design benchmark, the other is the technical benchmark.

(ii) Category

1. Design benchmark:

The benchmark to confirm the dots, lines, and surfaces on the drawings

2. Technics benchmark:

The benchmark for production and assembling.

3. Assembling benchmark:

The benchmark for confirming the parts’ position in the products when assembling

4. Measure benchmark:

The benchmark for inspecting the sizes and position

5. Locate benchmark:

The benchmark for CNC lathe machining.

5. CNC lathe machining Processing Cushion


When the blank is made to finish the product, you will be machining out the metal layer,
The total of the metal layer is called the total processing cushion.
The metal layer of every process is called process cushion.
As to the circle and hole, the processing cushion is on the diameter, called symmetry cushion.


The reason, why the workpiece has the processing cushion, is to CNC lathe machining out the tolerance or defect on the workpiece from the last process, for example,
The cold layer of casting parts, bubble hole of casting parts, the sand layer of casting parts.Oxide skin of forging parts, surface crack of forging parts, decarburized layer of forging parts.
The surface roughness of CNC lathe machining, etc.


The processing cushion can increase the precision and roughness of workpieces.
The volume of processing cushion will affect the product quality and production efficiency.
If the processing cushion is too big, it will increase the CNC lathe machining sum of labor,
Decrease the production efficiency, increase the loss for raw material, tools and power,
And increase the production cost.


If the processing cushion is too small, the tolerances and defects from the last process cannot be removed, 
The tolerances for loading and unloading cannot be removed too.
The principle is selecting the smallest processing cushion based on high quality.

Scope of application

1. Different metal parts CNC lathe machining
2. Fabrication, box structure, metal structure
3. Titanium, high-temperature alloy, nonmetal CNC lathe machining
4. Design and manufacture of wind tunnel combustion chamber
5. Design and manufacture of non-standard types of equipment
6. Design and manufacture of molds

Types of equipment

CNC mill
CNC grinding machine
CNC machine
CNC center

Laser welding

Electric discharge machining (EDM)
Universal grinder
Cylindrical grinder
Internal grinder
Precision lathe

China CNC lathe machining manufacturers

3 Levels of manufacturers in China

During the development of more than 50 years, there are 3 levels of manufacturers in China,
10% is a top-quality manufacturer, 20% middle quality manufacturer, and 70% low quality & cheap price manufacturer.

The global markets

At present, many markets are growing all over the world, such as Poland, Czech, Turkey in Europe, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, India in Asian, Brazil in South America.
Compared to these new growing markets, China has many advantages based on high quality.

China CNC lathe machining market developing

In the past, everybody think made in China is for cheap and low quality,
It’s because China doesn’t have high precision types of equipment and skilled workers,
It looks like these new growing markets very much.
But now, 10% top quality manufacturer is fully changed,
Their core advantage is high quality, they compete with European and North American famous factories.

Introduction of Sinster

Ningbo Sinster Machine Co., Ltd is one of 10% top quality manufacturer,
You have no risk to cooperate with Sinster,
As many famous brands already choose Sinster and cooperate for long-term,
Such as Supernova, Pelican, ELKA, Cal-van Tools, Firepro, Tecflo, SEB, Keyence, MAUL, RTS, etc.
You can visit the website at 

link hidden, please login to view
 to find more information,
Don’t forget to send inquiry to [email protected]

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