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Maxx Levarage Tool


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Maxx Leverage

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- the tool leading the industry in providing a safe and effective solution to adding extra lengths to wrenches, ratchets, and breaker bars.


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    • By NAPA
      There comes a point in a DIYer’s life when it is time to put down some wrenching roots in the form of a garage tool box. You may have walked into a friend’s garage or workshop and been in awe of a tool box the size of a tractor trailer. But even owners of serious tool investments had to start somewhere building their collection. Here’s how to build a tool box matched to your garage and your project needs.
      Consider The Space
      Before you start to build your own tool box you need to take stock of your situation. Your available garage space is going to guide your tool box options. Take time to measure the spaces you are considering to place a tool box, including overhead height limitations. Some tool boxes have hinged lids so you need to account for overhead space if you plan on opening it. If you are planning on placing the tool box on a table or shelf, make sure it is well reinforced to handle the weight of a fully loaded box. 
      Now that you know what kind of space you have available, let’s look at how to build a tool box that suits your needs.
      Workbench Top Tool Box link hidden, please login to view
      Starting small is perfectly fine. A good starting point can be a
      link hidden, please login to view with drawers. It fits easily on a shelf or a work bench while giving your tools a home base. This is a great step between a portable tool kit and a dedicated garage tool box because it can still be picked up and taken along for a mobile repair.  When the time comes to grow your storage space a great next step is adding a rolling bottom base cabinet and simply dropping your current portable tool box on top.
      Rolling Cart Tool Box
      Sometimes a good starter garage tool box is a
      link hidden, please login to view. This is especially true if you need to tuck your tools away in a corner when not in use or if your workspace isn’t always in the same place. If you find yourself working in the driveway one day and in the garage the next day, having a rolling tool cart makes sense. The key here is flexibility and mobility. Nice big casters make for easy rolling on uneven surfaces and across expansion joints. Most rolling tool carts are open at the bottom making a great place to store bulky items like jack stands or work lights and cords. The top doubles as a workbench where you can lay out components and stage tools. Depending on the layout there may be an open storage space under a hinged top, which is great for storing sockets and wrenches. There will likely only be three or four drawers, so you will need to be thoughtful about what tools you need for your projects. But the best part about a rolling cart is that it is always handy no matter how big your tool collection. Even if you graduate to a monster technician box, a rolling cart is the perfect portable job organizer. Stacked Chest Tool Box
      If you have been collecting tools for years you may have already amassed quite a stack of tool bags, molded cases, tool rolls, and more filled with tools. If it is time for your nomadic tool collection to find a home, a stacked tool chest may be just the thing. This is the classic two-piece setup most people picture when you think of a mechanic’s shop. A
      link hidden, please login to view with drawers with a separate link hidden, please login to view on top are nearly universal. The key with this combination is drawer space, lots and lots of drawer space. This lets you split out all those tools into their own spot so you don’t have to dig through them anymore.  Hybrid Tool Box
      For some people there will always be the need to take your tools on the road. Luckily Milwaukee’s PACKOUT system lets you build a tool box kit that is perfectly suited to your needs at home or on the go. Pick up a
      link hidden, please login to view and a link hidden, please login to view for the perfect hybrid home-travel tool box. The PACKOUT modular storage system work like building blocks allowing you to create an entire wall of tool storage that is ready to go when necessary. Get Organized
      No matter which tool box you choose you will want to keep things orderly. Organization will come down to your own preferences, but with your new found tool storage space it is recommended to label the drawers to cut down on search time. You can also buy or build
      link hidden, please login to viewto help keep things in their place. Check out all the
      link hidden, please login to viewavailable on link hidden, please login to view, or trust one of our 17,000 link hidden, please login to view for routine maintenance and repairs. For more information how to build your first garage tool box, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your link hidden, please login to view. Photo courtesy of
      link hidden, please login to view. The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
      link hidden, please login to view
    • By NAPA
      Spreading Carlyle Cheer: A Holiday Tool Gift Guide
      It’s that time of the year where you’re thinking about how to spread some holiday cheer—and it can cause a bit of stress! The NAPA Network is here to pare down the endless online tool aisles and give you top-notch recommendations for quality tool gift ideas that your special someone will actually use.
      Whether you’re trying to surprise a car enthusiast, encourage someone with DIY talent or treat yourself to a much-needed replacement or upgrade,
      link hidden, please login to view is the way to go. Precisely engineered, stylish and affordable, Carlyle Tools delivers robust options for all shoppers, whether they’re just beginning a tool collection or expanding their at-home mechanic shop. With many tool brands on the market, why choose Carlyle Tools? As NAPA’s premium tool line, these automotive tools are proven as industry-grade and value-driven. They offer an exceptional level of quality with input from professional technicians who know what works and what doesn’t. Carlyle’s handheld tools are manufactured to deliver long-lasting performance in the harshest conditions. To solidify the brand’s commitment to quality, the entire assortment from Carlyle Tools comes with a Lifetime Warranty on which you can depend.
      Stocking Your Socket Sets
      Ditch the lists that focus on flash rather than function and invest in products that won’t sit in a box or end up in a landfill. When it comes to holiday shopping guides, functionality and high-quality craftsmanship should reside at the forefront of your mind. With a selection of tools that are handsomely styled, pack a punch and won’t break the bank, anything from Carlyle makes a wonderful holiday gift for car enthusiasts. 
      Even if you’re not shopping for a classic car fanatic, every homeowner, DIY enthusiast and self-sufficient adult should have a basic collection of handheld tools for day-to-day jobs and household projects that just need a little elbow grease. Lucky for you, the Carlyle brand is well-known for its line of handheld tools and carries a wide selection of
      link hidden, please login to view, link hidden, please login to view, link hidden, please login to view and link hidden, please login to view.  Whether you’re looking for individual items or organized, adaptable sets, these types of tools are great options to ‘sneak into someone’s stocking.’ These popular products are affordable, handy and extremely versatile with multiple applications. For someone just starting out their tool collection, gifting a
      link hidden, please login to view or a link hidden, please login to view may serve as a catalyst to future tool exploration. Not only are you providing someone a quality toolkit, but you’re also giving the gift of independence, inspiration and a nudge into DIY territory.  Under the Tree
      For someone looking to add onto their existing collection, the Carlyle Tool line is a step in the right direction. Know someone who’s always tackling their DIY projects late at night or someone who’s always asking you to hold their flashlight? Gift them a Carlyle
      link hidden, please login to view with wireless charging capability or a rechargeable 500 lumen link hidden, please login to view!

      Maybe your car lover already has quite the tool assortment, but they could use a better system to consolidate and arrange these expensive items. While Carlyle does carry garage staples like heavy-duty, aluminum link hidden, please login to view, these are often bigger investment pieces that are possibly beyond your budget. However, compact storage solutions like the link hidden, please login to view or link hidden, please login to view are perfect options for those casual mechanics looking to keep their tools organized and accessible. The Backpack Tool Bag is especially ideal for road trips, house calls or track days. The waterproof hard bottom base adds structure and protection to your bag, while the cushioned adjustable strap makes it easy to throw it over your shoulder and hit the road. There’s no need to dig through the pack for all your tools; you can easily remove the incorporated 48-pocket organizer for better access. Shopping for Gearheads
      It may seem like that gearhead in your life has it all, but that’s far from true! Many tool collectors and car lovers focus on practicality and forget comfort. That’s where mobile garage equipment like
      link hidden, please login to view and link hidden, please login to view can come in handy. These garage essentials may seem like luxury items to DIYers who have no problem getting down and dirty. But these surprise gifts can make certain automotive projects, like under-car maintenance, much safer and more enjoyable.  On no matter which gift you land, your lucky recipient will get years of quality craftsmanship from this tool line.
      link hidden, please login to view is the best way to show your interest and understanding in a car enthusiast’s dreams or someone’s DIY passion all while getting the most bang for your buck. So, spread that holiday cheer by visiting NAPAOnline.com to find link hidden, please login to view and get one link hidden, please login to view Point for every $1 you spend. The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
      link hidden, please login to view
    • By RockAuto
      Get up to $150 back with purchase of select Power Stop Brake Kits.View on RockAuto.com
    • By Counterman
      3D Beta, a Beta Utensili Spa Group company, recently announced the immediate availability of the C50S three-drawer service tool cart manufactured in Italy.
      Developed from customer feedback, the cart reveals Beta Tools’ commitment to deliver the latest product, the company noted.
      “Our new C50S tool cart is adaptable for many industrial and automotive applications,” said Randy Booth, general manager at Beta Tools USA. “It is brilliantly designed with an assortment of optional features.”
      Unique features and benefits include:
      Thermoplastic worktop handles the demands around the shop. Three drawers (23¼” x 143/8” x 2¾”) on ball bearing slides for easy opening and closing. Drawer capacity of 33 pounds is evenly distributed. Unit is key-locking to secure tools. Side-mounted nine-piece screwdriver holder and two built-in bottle holders Large lower shelf protected by a PVC, oil-resistant rubber mat. Static load capacity of 880 pounds Optional items include a folding side shelf, 5000MS a paper roll holder, 2400S-R/PC and a rear-mounted pegboard tool panel. All three C50S colors – orange, grey and red – are in stock and ready to ship throughout the United States.
      For more information: call 717-449-5044 or visit the
      link hidden, please login to view. The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
      link hidden, please login to view
    • eManualonline.com - Save 5% OFF on orders Over $50, Use Code Blaze. Ends 12/31/22.
    • By CarPartAU
      Carpart.com.au has made it easier for people to locate car parts sellers in Brisbane. You only have to pay for the parts, not for finding suppliers. Our customer-centric ‘Request a Part’ tool has helped thousands locate cheap auto parts that may not be available in your local stores.
      This free requesting tool connects interested buyers to local Brisbane car wreckers. Sellers who have the part will then send their quotes to you directly, saving you time and shipping costs by finding suppliers near you.
      | Visit us at - 
      link hidden, please login to view   

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