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Valvoline Restore & Protect Ad Runs on Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is as much about the commercials as the game itself – and Valvoline was part of it.

Valvoline Global featured its new Restore & Protect full-synthetic motor oil in a 30-second commercial that aired during the pre-game coverage of the big game.

Valvoline Global recently announced the global launch of the premium full-synthetic motor oil. The “first-of-its-kind innovation” removes up to 100% of engine-killing deposits with continuous use, restoring engines to run like factory clean while protecting against future damage, according to the company.

“This latest addition to the Valvoline product portfolio is a paradigm shift in motor oil performance and challenges traditional thinking about the category,” the company said. “With a history steeped in trust and innovation, Valvoline has consistently been at the forefront of the automotive lubricant category.”

You can watch the Super Bowl Sunday commercial below:

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