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Auto-Wares Recognizes Valvoline as Supplier of the Year


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Auto-Wares Group of Companies has announced its 2022 Supplier Award winners.

This year, Auto-Wares recognized eight companies for their collaboration, contributions and success throughout the year.

The awards were presented at the Auto-Wares Group of Companies end-of-year Winter Live Sales Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where more than 200 company employees were in attendance. The Auto-Wares team gathered to sharpen selling skills, learn about product innovations, discuss the automotive aftermarket and present awards to high performers.

Auto-Wares Group of Companies recognized Valvoline as its Supplier of the Year for 2022.

“Auto-Wares has a long history of providing top-quality automotive parts and services to its customers, and Valvoline has been an integral part of that success,” Auto-Wares said in a news release. “Valvoline has consistently provided Auto-Wares with high-quality products and exceptional customer support and service.”

Michelle Allen, vice president at Valvoline, and Todd Mullins, strategic account manager, were in attendance to accept the award.

Valvoline is a leading provider of automotive lubricants and services, with a history dating back to 1866. The company is known for its innovative products and commitment to quality and has earned a reputation as one of the top suppliers in the industry.

“We are proud to partner with Valvoline and are honored to recognize them as our 2022 Supplier of the Year,” Auto-Wares said. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Valvoline and are excited to see what the future holds.”

2022 Award Winners

  • 2022 Supplier of the Year – Valvoline
  • 2022 Rising Star Supplier of the Year – BBB Industries/OE Turbo Power
  • 2022 Sales & Marketing Supplier of the Year – Bosch
  • 2022 Data & Technology Supplier of the Year – NA Williams/Delphi Technologies
  • 2022 Outstanding Shipping Suppliers of the Year
    • BBB Industries
    • Standard Motor Products
    • MotoRad
    • Precision Remanufacturing
    • Battery Specialists Inc.
  • 2022 Reps of the Year
    • Cindy Ford, Standard Motor Products
    • Patrick Mulrooney,NA Williams

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