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Parts Authority Acquires World Auto Parts In Ohio

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Parts Authority has announced the acquisition of World Auto Parts. World Auto Parts has been a supplier of high-quality replacement parts for the past 36 years with three stores in the Cleveland area.

“The combination of Parts Authority and World Auto Parts gives us a strong presence in the marketplace and it expands our national and regional footprints,” said Randy Buller, CEO of Parts Authority. “For Parts Authority, World Auto Parts delivers professional team members, great customers and a successful building block to grow from.”

The three locations will immediately be integrated with Parts Authority’s computer system and the current staff of World Auto Parts will continue to run the operations under the direction of Parts Authority.

For more information on Parts Authority, visit partsauthority.com.

Source: http://www.aftermarketnews.com/parts-authority-acquires-world-auto-parts-ohio/

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