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used driveline parts ?

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i like to try and stay OEM on some parts such as Driveline componenst like axles and such because i seem to always have bad luck with aftermarket cv axles, for example, my orignal passanger side cv axle the boot had to be replaced for the cv joint at about 40k but that was done under warranty  then it was fine for another 80k at about 120k on the car is when the cv joint failed so i replaced it with an aftermarket axle that went bad and started vibrations and shaking after about 35k  then the next one was replaced with a lifetime warranty axle replacment from the same company cardone that last about 30k before the cv joint failed i ended up replacing the axel again this time with a remanufatured instead oa new one so i went iwth the remaned one from napa and now at about 222k so just a little over 30k the thing is shaking and vibrating again 
i am done with Aftermarket axles i have desided i just don't have the cash on hand and don't want to put a 450 dollars new oem axle on my credit card  and thats with a discount i can get from MyLparts online with a discount code i have from another forum im a member of its like a 700 dollar axle but i can save about 250 getting it online form a OEM parts store than if i went into the dealership. BUt i just don't have that kind of money 

This is for my 2007 Lexus ES350   

I desided to start looking so i looked on ebay and i looked on car-parts.com  i found a 2011 ES350 lexus that was about 20 minutes north of me at the salvage yard that still had the OEM orignal Axle the car had just under 89k like 88,700 miles on it   i called them up and they took the axle of the car i came in and looked at it it looked really clean still had all the orignal stickers with part numbers on it so it was confirmed to be orignal and they wanted 70 dollars for it so 75 after taxes the boots are not leaking the clamps on the boots acutaly look great so that makes me wonder perhaps they even replaced the clamps or perhaps the clamps had been replaced once before i dont know but the boots look like they are orignal because the feel like they are wearhterend they are not smooth and silky like a new boot kit and i was debating about going to napa and getting a new boot kit aftermarket for bouth the inner or outer or just the outer or should i go with OEM boot  napa has boot kit for 20 each but oem will cost me 60 at the delaership for just one. 
I have never hear of a boot going bad on the inner boot kit but i have heard about boots leaking and tearing on the outer cv joint boot so i am wondering if i should just replace the outer boot kit ? and are napa aftermarket boot kits i think from a company called balkamp is the brand and its neoprene material so wondering if i should do this ? 
I also have had some people who just don't understand that money is not always an option for some people but we want to stay original for quality and have had people say stuff to scare me souch as using a used driveline part is like driving without a seatbelt putting my life at risk  so im wondering should i be scared ? should i not be doing this ? or am i going to be ok ? 
I want to go back to OEM again because im tired of these aftermarket axles that keep going bad and would rather be able to just get a OEM CV joint if the joint ever goes bad again and put it on the oem axle im just tired of these crappy aftermarket ones going bad but am i making the wrong choice of using the lower mile used one ? 

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I'm surprised you are having so many issues with aftermarket axles. Vibration and shaking is usually caused from the axle being out of balance. Try rockauto and carid to see how much the axle is. Also go to a carquest store and see if they can get you an axle from worldpac which will be like OE but cheaper.

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