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Martin Senour Introduces PRO Filler Body Filler

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Martin Senour has introduced PRO Filler body filler, a premium line of lightweight filler, fiberglass-reinforced filler and putty.

The professional-grade product offering provides reliable, high-caliber performance in any repair, according to the company.

“Body shops seeking a straightforward, cost-effective solution to auto body repair look to the PRO Filler line for a quality product that will promote shop productivity,” the company said in a news release. “With professional-grade adhesion, elimination of micro-pinholes and industry-leading sanding properties, PRO Filler is a versatile system fit for any repair job.

The complete PRO Filler product line is available exclusively at NAPA Auto Parts stores:

PRO Lite lightweight body filler

PRO Grip premium lightweight body filler

PRO Strand short-strand fiberglass-reinforced

PRO Strand XL long-strand fiberglass-reinforced

PRO Gold finishing glaze & putty

PRO Spot 1k air-dry putty

“The complete PRO Filler line allows for seamless repair,” said Nick Dowling, product manager, Martin Senour. “It’s an asset in any job that requires a product with strong adhesion and smooth application.”

For more information regarding Martin Senour paint products and training opportunities, visit 

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/ or call 800-526-6704.

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      LOS ANGELES, Aug. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.(Nasdaq:MPAA) today announced the strategic expansion of its automotive aftermarket brake product offerings, with the introduction of brake calipers.
      “The launch of a brake caliper program complements our current braking system products and is consistent with our strategy to leverage our expanding manufacturing footprint by approximately 370,000 square feet in Tijuana, Mexico — supported by the company’s new state-of-the-art 410,000 square foot distribution facility. We have significant initial customer commitments representing approximately $30 million for the remainder of the current fiscal year. We are attracting additional strong interest for this product, and look forward to fully ramping up production, growing this category, and reporting milestones as fiscal 2020 evolves,” said Selwyn Joffe, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Motorcar Parts of America, Inc.
      “This category represents a significant growth opportunity, leveraging our more than fifty-year history in the aftermarket industry and the company’s highly regarded competency in remanufacturing. Equally important, the launch of this product line solidifies our position as a full-line brake supplier, which provides the company with solid growth opportunities and favorable financial metrics,” Joffe emphasized.
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      Industry sources estimate the aftermarket size today for the brake caliper category in the United States is approximately $1.1 billion at the retail level.
      About Motorcar Parts of America
      Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. is a remanufacturer, manufacturer and distributor of automotive aftermarket parts — including alternators, starters, wheel bearing and hub assemblies, brake calipers, brake master cylinders, brake power boosters, rotors, brake pads and turbochargers utilized in imported and domestic passenger vehicles, light trucks and heavy-duty applications. Motorcar Parts of America’s products are sold to automotive retail outlets and the professional repair market throughout the United States and Canada, with facilities located in California, Mexico, Malaysia, China and India, and administrative offices located in California, Tennessee, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. In addition, the company develops, designs and manufactures testing solutions for performance, endurance and production testing of alternators, starters, electric motors, batteries, inverters and belt starter generators for both the OE and aftermarket. Additional information is available at www.motorcarparts.com.

      Forward-Looking Statements
      The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides a “safe harbor” for certain forward-looking statements. The statements contained in this press release that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements based on the company’s current expectations and beliefs concerning future developments and their potential effects on the company. These forward-looking statements involve significant risks and uncertainties (some of which are beyond the control of the company) and are subject to change based upon various factors. Reference is also made to the Risk Factors set forth in the company’s Form 10-K Annual Report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in June 2019 and in its Forms 10-Q filed with the SEC for additional risks and uncertainties facing the company. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as the result of new information, future events or otherwise.
      CONTACT: Gary S. Maier (310) 471-1288
      Source: Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. 

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      The TPMS catalog has a split focus on the Autel TPMS service tools as well tire sensors and other TPMS accessories. Autel’s newest items, the TS508WF and adjustable angle 1-Sensor, make their print debut, along with new 8, 20 and 240 1-Sensor bulk packs.
      “The TPMS catalog is a must-have reference for any Autel carrying-shop,” the company said.
      The ADAS brochure is an in-depth look into Autel’s ADAS calibration packages. With the brochure, customers can learn the benefits of performing ADAS in-house and find the best package for their shop and budget.
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      If you need auto body repair work done on your vehicle and possibly searched online for “link hidden, please login to view near me”, Superior Auto Body located in Fresno, California will handle the job for you!
    • By 袁春凤 (Tiffany)
      Oil resistant rubber, including NBR, ACM, ECO and other synthetic rubber, is an important raw material for automobile rubber flexion, accounting for about 15%~20%. In recent years, the oil like stocks are not new and the application range is expanding rapidly.
      1.NBR is the most widely used and widely used type in the field of rubber and rubber, which accounts for more than 80% of the rain oil rubbers used in automobiles. It has very good ketone oil properties, and in the environment of four categories of gasoline and Chai run, the use of Shou 6 can reach 10-20 km. Generally working at -20~+120 C, the same energy is up to 5~10 years, the lowest humidity is -30~-40 C, and the maximum can reach 130~140 C. However, oil and cold resistance, oil resistance and oxygen aging often have the contradiction between the two laws, and the global NBR enterprises have reached more than 20, the annual output is more than 300 thousand T, and the strict species as many as 30 species totalling 300 Above production brand, main enterprise Lansheng and Rui lie occupied about 2/3, he has Jin, Xi Bo Er, JSR and so on. In order to make up for the difference in performance between NBR and meet the requirements of different aspects, the NBR produced nowadays is based on oil level.(the size of acrylonitrile) is divided into five types: low, medium, middle, high, high and high. The majority of the vehicles are middle and high, that is, NBR26 and 3 account for more than 4/5, which are mainly made of automobile hose, each and seal, especially oil seal and O ring. NBR is a copolymer of butadiene and propene, and acrylonitrile is from 18-41. In addition to the standard type of NBR17042707 (N41), 3408 (DN214), 3804, and 5007, a variety of easy to be soluble, easy to wear, corrosion resistant, low humidity, aging resistant, and a series of other chemical physics are also developed. Their ratio of stars to stars is expanding in NBR. In addition, there are other forms of NBR, such as liquid NBR, shape NBR, powder NBR, as well as NBR in common viewing form, NBR/PVC blends and so on. (1) Partially cross-linked NBR can be prepared by introducing divinylbenzene into NBR, which can improve the processing performance, easily press out the jade, increase the speed and reduce the deformation. For example, Hycar1042JSRN210S, Krynac810 and so on (2) NBR add carboxylic acid as three of third components.The polymer one to one carboxyl NBR can improve the adhesion of NBR and metal, and further improve the oil resistance, aging resistance, tearing resistance and resistance to damage of the gum. For example, Hycar1072, N34, JSRN632S and so on (3) NBR added a polymerized antioxidant to the polymer to become a part of the main key of the polymer to prevent the loss of the antiaging agent during the use of the product, thus greatly improving the aging resistance and service life of NBR. Such as SRNS351, N541. With special formula, the heat resistance and oil resistance of the NBR are even comparable to (4) NBR D two, acrylonitrile and acrylonitrile mononitrile ester, which can greatly improve the heat resistance and oil resistance of NBR, and use the level of 5 at the working environment of 50 C, which is basically close to the level of ACM). The unsaturated double bond is saturated by hydrogen saturation in the polymerization. Hydrogenated or hydrogenated NBR, also known as high saturation NBR tube, is called HNBR. It completely modifies the traditional NBR and improves it by one grade. It combines oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance and high mechanical strength and elongation. Its price is doubled. The work strength can reach -40~150 C, resistance to oil, except the most suitable for engine O ring, tree pad, automobile fuel and run trickle system rubber tube, it has become the main stream of main raw materials of automobile drive belt and brush strip, HNBR has been unique in the field of NBR, and the world's NBR production manufacturers are developing and producing, such as the Zetpol HSN of Japanese reion. Their saturation degree is Therban (HNBR) and A (99.5%), B (98%) and C(95%),CNs were divided into 17% (34% acrylonitrile), 19% (38% acrylonitrile) and 22% (44% acrylonitrile) for different uses. (6) NBR blends with other materials have greatly improved the properties of NBR. In recent years, NBR has been developed into a commercial production brand. NBR/PVC blends can significantly improve the ozone resistance and weathering resistance. Well, the oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and processing technology have been improved. It has been widely used in the outer coating of automobile tube and the rubber parts of automobile. The blending ratio of NBR/PVC can be from 70/30 to 50/50, and the commercialization grades include NipolDN820, Krynac Nv850 and so on.Two is NBR/EPDM blends (20/30 or 60/40) can improve the heat resistance and aging resistance of NBR, use the temperature to reach -50~150 C, commonly used to manufacture car protection sleeves, tubes, production grades of JSRNE and so on. The three is NBR/DOP blend (100/50), that is, filling the oil by filling the DOP plasticizer at the time of rubber polymerization. It can not only keep the strength of the maple, but also reduce the mixing difficulty, shorten the mixing time and save energy, which is mainly used as the automobile fuel tube. Production brands include Nipol DN224, Hycar1082, krynac843, etc. China's NBR production enterprises include Lanzhou petrochemical, Jilin petrochemical and Zhenjiang South Emperor (Taiwan capital) 3, a total of more than 40 brands.
      Thanks for the help of the Chongqing Feilong Jiangli Auto Parts’ Technical dept. And welcome to share the idea with us ([email protected]). Thanks
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      "It's great to have Advance join us in welcoming the return of NASCAR-sanctioned grassroots racing," said Ben Kennedy, vice president, racing development, NASCAR. "Advance’s commitment to our Weekly Series will develop some of the brightest NASCAR talent across North America. Advance has a long history in racing, and we’re thrilled to see its expanded presence from the grassroots all the way through our national series.”
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      Advance Auto Parts, Inc. (NYSE: AAP) has acquired the DieHard brand from Transform Holdco LLC (“Transformco”), for $200 million utilizing cash on hand.

      “We are excited to acquire global ownership of an iconic American brand. DieHard will help differentiate Advance, drive increased DIY customer traffic and build a unique value proposition for our Professional customers and Independent Carquest partners. DieHard has the highest brand awareness and regard of any automotive battery brand in North America and will enable Advance to build a leadership position within the critical battery category,” said Tom Greco, president and CEO, Advance Auto Parts. “DieHard stands for durability and reliability and we will strengthen and leverage the brand in other battery categories, such as marine and recreational vehicles. We also see opportunities to extend DieHard in other automotive categories. We remain committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. The addition of DieHard to our industry leading assortment of national brands, OE parts and owned brands will enable us to differentiate Advance and drive significant long-term shareholder value.”
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    • AmazonBasics 6-Pack High Mileage Motor Oil - Synthetic Blend
      AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil - Synthetic Blend

      AmazonBasics high-mileage synthetic-blend motor oil offers an enhanced level of protection for engines over 75,000 miles. Its synthetic blend combines conventional oil with synthetic for cost efficiency with some of the benefits of a full synthetic. An important part of routine maintenance, the motor oil works well for anything from topping off levels to complete oil changes. Whether it’s a beloved older vehicle or one with an uncertain maintenance history, help protect its engine with AmazonBasics high-mileage, synthetic-blend motor oil.
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    • OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts for Your Car: How to Choose
      When selecting parts for a car repair, it pays to know the differences between original and aftermarket parts. Whenever possible, get estimates for both.

      Choosing between original and aftermarket car parts — and even used parts of either type — is all about squaring your priorities with your budget.

      You’ll have different options depending on the part and the shop. And the best choice will depend on whether you’re trying to keep repairs cheap, restore your car’s appearance after a wreck or soup up your ride.

      Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts match those that came with your car, and are of the same quality as its original parts. They’re also the most expensive.
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    • Replacement Intervals For Oil And Air Filters In Today’s Vehicles
      The factory-recommended replacement intervals for filters can vary quite a bit depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle, as well as how it is driven. As a rule, older vehicles (those more than 15 to 20 years old) typically have more frequent service intervals than newer vehicles. Why? Because late-model vehicles require less maintenance, thanks to improvements in motor oils, transmission fluids, engine design and filter media.

      Many long-life air and oil filters use synthetic fiber media or a blend of cellulose and synthetic fibers to extend filter life.

      Changing the oil and filter every 3,000 miles was standard practice decades ago. But it’s no longer necessary because most multi-viscosity oils today are a synthetic blend or a full synthetic that resist viscosity breakdown and oxidation for a much longer period of time. Late-model fuel-injected engines also run much cleaner than their carbureted ancestors, which reduces oil contamination in the crankcase.
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