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Casting process for automobile parts blank

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(1) the concept of casting

Molten metal is poured into the mold cavity, and after solidification and cooling, a certain shape of parts or parts blank is obtained. This method is called casting. The blank or parts obtained by casting are called castings. Castings generally account for about 20% of the vehicle's self weight, ranking only second after steel consumption.

(2) casting method

Sand mold casting: Liquid metal fills the mold cavity completely by gravity, and the raw material for forming the mold is mainly sand.

Special casting: all kinds of casting methods other than sand casting.

(3) characteristics and application of casting

It is easy to shape and adaptable.

The production cost is low and more economical.

The microstructure and properties of casting materials are poor.

Casting is generally used in the manufacture of automobile box, shell, bracket parts, such as: engine cylinder block, cylinder head, intake (exhaust) manifold, crankshaft, camshaft, ram speed box shell, chassis rear axle housing, killing bracket, brake drum, brake disc.


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