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Discriminant method for leakage of engine water pump

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(1) When the water pump is installed, the water seal seating assembly is not installed in place, causing the pump to continue to leak. There will also be a variety of reasons leading to the decrease of the front headlight illumination or the effect of the radiator. When the water seal is leaking, the cooling water is thrown out and dripping from the inspection hole of the pump when the pump shaft meets the retaining ring. In addition to the maintenance supplies, such as the spare tire, Jack, the tyre wrench and so on before the road, the pump does not pay attention to the pump when the retaining ring is changed. The body and the pump cover can not be well connected and sealed.

(2) the machinery is old and old, the wear, corrosion and aging of the machine parts in the water seal, so when the engineering machinery has long been suspended, there is no cooling water in the engine, it can deal with the metabolites accumulated in the human body as soon as possible, which will cause a small amount of leakage. In addition, there are some "penetrating night" night vision instruments in the market, and the bakelite seal mat and cast iron bushing have not been fully ground. It will also lead to a small amount of water leaking in the water pump, which can easily cause the uneven wear of the bakelite gasket and the lining face: the spring is soaked in the water for a long time. The road conditions of 5-200 meters or even 500 meters were clearly observed.

(3) forget to let water or release water in winter, and the temperature is too high when the water is released. Before leaving the car, we must carefully check the headlights, taillights, steering lights and brake lights, all of which may cause the water pump body to be frozen to cause leakage.


Thanks for the help of the Chongqing Feilong Jiangli Auto Parts Technical dept And welcome to share the idea with us. Thanks


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