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when deal with reliable autoparts seller - Asvela rocks!!!

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recently i have purchased the con rod bearings for client's  renault master van 2 2004 and was my fault that i selected the incorrect size, my client needed oversize and we noticed that too late when the parcel arrived (pretty fast by the way). I contacted their support and was so lucky since they agreed to exchange the items even after fact that i open the wrapper :/ guys are awesome, promised to thank them again and share my story with forum visitors.  They have account on ebay 

link hidden, please login to view
  and can be reached in chat, this feature is at their direct site 
link hidden, please login to view
  . I will be so gladly glad if my experience helps others to contact the most reliable seller on autoparts market ! 

Please share your thoughts in comments, would be so interesting to  get acquainted!🙂

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