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Don't make this common oil catch can mistake

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    • By Mia
      To extend the lifespan of your brake pads, you can adopt several practices and maintenance habits. Here are some tips to help make your brake pads a longer
      Drive Smoothly
      Avoid Hard Braking: Try to brake gently and gradually instead of slamming on the brakes Coast to Stop: whenever possible, let your vehicle coast to a stop rather than braking abruptly.
      Maintain A Safe Following Distance
      Reduce Frequent Braking: Keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you allows more time to brake gently.
      Anticipate Stops
      Pay attention to traffic flow and road conditions ahead to anticipate stops. Gradually slowing down instead of slamming on the brakes can significantly extend the life of your brake pads.
      Avoid Overloading
      Excessive weight puts additional strain on your vehicle's braking system. Try to avoid overloading your vehicle beyond its recommended capacity.
      Coast When Possible
      When approaching a stop sign or red light, coasting instead of maintaining speed can reduce the need for heavy braking.
      Brake Gently When Towing
      If you're towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads, be extra cautious with braking. Allow more distance to stop and brake gently to reduce strain on the brake pads.
      Regular Maintenance
      Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, including brake inspections. Promptly replace worn brake pads before they cause damage to other brake components.
      Use Engine Braking
      When driving downhill, downshift (if you have a manual transmission) or use the engine to slow down the vehicle instead of relying solely on the brakes.
      Avoid Riding The Brakes
      Constantly keeping your foot on the brake pedal, especially when not actively braking, can lead to premature wear of the brake pads. Practice keeping your foot off the brake pedal when not needed
      Quality Brake Pads
      Invest in high-quality brake pads that are suited for your vehicle. While they may cost more upfront, they can last longer and provide better performance.
      Avoid Harsh Weather Conditions
      If possible, avoid driving in harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snow, as these can accelerate brake pad wear.
      Check Brake Fluid
      Ensure your brake fluid is at the proper level
      If you want to know more basic information about brake pads, you can refer to this website: 
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    • By Mighty Auto Parts
      The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view. Nothing is more frustrating for the vehicle owner than a puddle of oil on their carport fl oor or the stench of oil on a hot engine or exhaust system following a lube service. It is equally frustrating for the lube shop asthey must correct the problem, losing billable labor time. We have seen customers […]
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    • By Counterman
      link hidden, please login to view announced the launch of a new passenger car motor oil – Red Diamond Ultimate. The company said the oil is formulated to fully meet the General Motors dexos1 Gen 3 specification among others but is also formulated to keep the oil cleaner for longer periods of time while improving performance, engine system protection, mileage and horsepower. In a news release announcing the new product, the company said Red Diamond Ultimate passenger car motor oil uses 100% Group III base oils and is infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s proprietary FR3 Nano Technology. It is suited for both hybrid and internal combustion engines, especially small displacement, turbocharged GDI engines where it can protect against low-speed pre-ignition. The company added that Red Diamond protects against timing chain and valve wearing that often occurs and fights the formation of high temperature deposits that drain horsepower and fuel economy.
      “We’re thrilled to offer passenger car motor oil and exclusively to our dealer network,” said
      link hidden, please login to viewBrand Manager, Josh Steinmetz. “With three viscosities, we expect a lot of demand for this product given the compatibility for any vehicle where Dexos1 Gen 3 is specified. Also, it also exceeds API SM, SN and SN Plus and many of the Ford and Chrysler motor oil specs. Adding this oil to our lineup allows service centers to offer an outstanding oil to protect their customer’s vehicles.”  Red Diamond Ultimate Motor Oil is available in three viscosity weights — 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 now and in three sizes — 5-gallon, 55-gallon and 330-gallon.
      The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
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    • By Counterman
      link hidden, please login to viewannounced the launch of its new passenger car engine oil additive technology Lubrizol PV1710 that the company said will enable oil marketers to meet the performance requirements of ILSAC GF-7, the new passenger car engine oil specification that will go into effect on March 31, 2025. The company added that Lubrizol PV1710 offers customers a solution formulated to meet ILSAC GF-7 credentials and with a capability to reach dexos 1 specification. Core technology testing is complete and additional testing is underway to cover industry requirements. Lubrizol PV1710 will be available well in advance of the first-license timeline, enabling oil marketers to fully prepare to go to market, the company said.
      “In developing Lubrizol PV1710, our goal was to simplify the process for our customers,” said Padu Sreenivas, product manager for
      link hidden, please login to view. “This product is designed for coverage in a broad range of base stocks and viscosity grades, enabling customers to address of GF-7 market needs in a streamlined timeframe.” In a news release, the company said its Lubrizol’s Specification Readiness Program grants customers access to technical expertise, testing capacity, portfolio management, and marketing support, enabling oil marketers to meet requirements with ease and confidence.
      The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
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    • By Dorman Products
      Oil Leak | ASE Test Practice Question 8

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