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  1. I don't know what to answer. Yes, of course, many old cars mustn't be on public roads, and I believe that the police are doing their job. Anyway, if to speak about retro cars in old conditions they are lovely. I would like to see every day such cars on our roads. I visited a charming car museum that I found on https://www.greatbritishcarjourney.com/. I remained very impressed with how many old cars I saw there. I saw one of the first FIAT in the world. It was something WOW for me. Most important is that my son remained delighted with our visit.
  2. I remember that some of my friends were starting to sell used catalytic converters. They told me that it is very profitable, around 500-600$ for one piece. I was very interested in making some cash because I had an old Cadillac in my backyard. But, I found an offer on https://www.scrapi.com/scrap-car-calculator. It was more attractive than my friend's one. I got the money very fast in my bank account. Also, the next day two guys came and took it away from me. In this way, I saved a lot of time, made some money, and got rid of something old.
  3. Now to answer your question about framing pictures, I have found some cool online companies like https://www.frameshop.com.au/custom-picture-frames. These guys were able to do a custom picture frame for my daughter's baby picture. It looked very beautiful and I gave it to her as a gift for her fourth birthday.
  4. Yeah, I have to agree that 3-D printing has allowed me to get a lot of my car parts for much cheaper prices. If you have an Alfa Romeo car then you don't even know how expensive it can be to get some tiny simple parts.
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