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  1. Napa may pay more for the part because they buy less or because they couldn't get the same deal as other companies for any reason. Other shops may sell more alternators in order to charge less and profit more. There's also the usual supply and demand issue to consider. In stores, all costs are multi-dimensional. I recently lost the keys of my car, and I had no duplicate. Instead of changing the lock, I went for a locksmith service, and they made a few pairs of keys for me, so I will have a reserve even if I lose one pair.
  2. I heard about this company, but I didn't try their services yet. I had some problems not so long ago with my exhaust system, but I happily managed to insure my car in time. The insurance I got is one of the best insurances that Money Expert can offer. It covers anything that happens to a car, starting with different engine problems, and finishing with scratches and other cosmetic damages that can affect a vehicle. Get in touch with them for more details. I am sure they will find a way to help you. I recently insured my new car there, and they even offered me a discount.
  3. I hate people that are using old retro cars... such cars are not safe!!!
  4. I heard that your company is paying quite a little money for a catalytic converter. I am telling you that because I know companies like https://www.scrapi.com/cash-for-scrap-cars can pay you two times a lot of money for the same product. So why don't you check it out by yourself. I nearly sold a converter to you, but happily, one of my friends told me about scrapi and made me change my mind.
  5. That looks really amazing. I recently bought an excavator for my company on equipmentradar.com. Guys have the best prices you can find on the entire internet, moreover they can offer a discount if you are a new customer. I work with them for more than 5 years and I can't say anything bad about their company. Also they sell you quality equipment from the best companies that build construction and agricultural equipment. If you are interested, take a look on their websites, you won't be disappointed for sure.
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