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Shaking at 60mph

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Been doing brakes on my cars since I'm 19 now I'm 45. So I have a Mazda 6 changed the pads and rotors on the front twice this is the third. Rear only twice. This past Sunday I swapped out for durlast gold rotors and ceramic pads. Did all I usually do released the pistons came out no issue collapsed them no issue. Sylglided my slides and all points. I did use crc grease for the first time on the shim outside of pads other than sykglide I always liked. Bedded the pads and rotors as I have always done. I'm getting shaking when braking at highway speed above 50mph. Under that brakes brake amazing! Anyone have an idea?

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Great Tire Deal

Have you checked your ball joints and control arm bushings? Is the front end tight? A bad ball joint or contol arm bushing can cause shaking when the brake pedal is applied. Also can be a sticking caliper, rust under rotor hub. Is it pulling at all? Sticking caliper, twisted brake line...can cause issues as well.

This is assuming your Autozone rotors are not out of round. If the front end is tight, I would try a different brand of rotors.

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