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  1. Does anyone has a six-wheel drive off-road vehicle? I just heard about it. Looks more aggressive and powerful, doesn't it?
  2. What about this 76mm/1.5mm grille guard for Cascadia? I noticed that it contains a lot of spare parts. Is the installation easy?
  3. Have you experienced cross-country? If you are given an original Jeep Wrangler, would you drive it to cross country? of course not! the original Jeep Wrangler is not so suitable for off-road. Many people will modify it when they buy it back. Below, I personally put forward some suggestions on the modification of the jeep, hoping to help everyone to make fewer detours when modifying. Jeep Wrangler Modification – Motorshive Exterior Auto Parts As we all know, it is necessary to carry out high-altitude vehicles for off-road. Although the original Jeep's site is already much higher than the average car, it seems that it is not enough for off-road. Therefore, the first step in the modification is to raise the chassis of the car. In general, it is sufficient to raise the chassis by 2.5 inches. But if you want to drive a Jeep to conquer some rugged roads, you can also raise the chassis by 4 inches. In that case, the car looks like a lot of domineering, but the subsequent modification work that needs to be done will increase a lot. Jeep Wrangler Modification – Motorshive Exterior Auto Parts Second, improve shock absorption performance. Since it is off-road, the road conditions will certainly not be as flat as in the city. The road to be taken is definitely not a mess or a bump. In order to drive comfortably, shock absorbers are essential for jeep. The shock absorber has two kinds of damper damping and three-channel damper, which can be selected according to your own preferences and the road conditions to be taken. Jeep Wrangler Modification – Motorshive Exterior Auto Parts The third is the front grille. Engines are in high-power operation in the off-road process, and the engine compartment temperature must be very high. Therefore, a good grille can not only make the appearance of the whole car bright, but also ensure the ventilation and air intake effect of the engine compartment and reduce the temperature of the engine compartment. Jeep Wrangler Modification – Motorshive Exterior Auto Parts Fourth, the front bumper. In the off-road process, the front bumper can protect the front part of the car, including the grille, headlights and so on. In addition, it is best to install a winch on the front bumper. If the jeep is stuck in a deep pit or the mud can't come out, you can let friends or yourself get out of the trap with the winch. Jeep Wrangler Modification – Motorshive Exterior Auto Parts If you complete all the modifications for your Jeep mentioned above with high-quality auto parts, I believe you must have a great trip wherever you go.
  4. Sure, maybe China. Lowest price, high-quality products. https://www.motorshive.com
  5. Where do you guys buy the auto parts such as 2016 Tacoma grille? I have located one website where the grille for tacoma is much chaper than ebay and Amazon. And the grille is made of ABS plastic, with LED lights on. It looks beautiful.
  6. I want to buy some exterior auto parts online for my off-road. I have scanned 3 online stores, including AutoZone, Carid, and Motorshive but have no idea of how to choose. It seems like all of them are selling the auto parts and the quality of the products is similar. How to choose the best one?
  7. Is 2019 Tacoma available now? What‘s the difference in design style and configuration? Does the design style of front grille differ to that before?
  8. ABS or Plastic, which is better? Can anyone tell the grille below?
  9. Tacoma black grille, made of ABS. For 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma.
  10. Most people like Jeep Wrangler. However, the Jeep Wrangler seems to be a semi finished product. So, modifications are always tied to the Jeep Wrangler and every Wrangler looks different after the modification. It depends on the level of the technician and the appetite of the host of the “beast”. I didn’t see a completely same outlook on two Wranglers and I believe it won’t appear in the future. What I want to say today, is that the several key points that you need to keep an eye on when modifying a Jeep Wrangler. First of all, if you want to conquer the rugged or off-road surface with your Jeep Wrangler, you must heighten the chassis of the Wrangler. It is not hard to imagine what will happen if the chassis is not high enough when you cross a rugged road. Therefore, the outer diameter of the Jeep Wrangler tire I have seen can reach an incredible 48 inches. It almost is high enough for all road conditions. If you install the giant tires to heighten the chassis, the following question is the steering shock absorber. The original steer shock absorber can’t support such a large tire. When come across the big pits or big obstacles, you are hard to grab the steering wheel under the huge reaction force. That’s very dangerous. So, we must install a high damping shock absorber to solve this problem. After the safe-guarding modifications, the exterior parts of the Jeep Wrangler also should be considered, such as the front and rear bumpers. A high-strength front bumper will be your pioneer to explore the unknown world. And the rear bumper can keep a spare tire for you in case of emergency. The front bumpers and rear bumpers from Motorshive Exterior Auto Parts Online Store can solve this question perfectly. The American style is often linked to the wild, the tough shape, the symbol of the body, and the upgrade of the Black Spider Kit, further highlighting the muscles of the car. The appearance after the modification looks aggressive and awkward. It is necessary remind everyone warmly, your vehicle should not be too close to it.
  11. In general, there are 3 kinds of front bumpers for Jeep Wrangler JK, default style, stinger style, and rock crawl style. Please see the pics below or click Jeep Front Bumper to learn more.
  12. I found this grille for my Tacoma today, how about it? Can you guys give some suggestions? https://www.motorshive.com/products/tacoma-black-grill
  13. Yes, I just bought a front grill for my Tacoma 2017 from Motorshive online store.
  14. Toyota Tacoma 2016, want a grille.
  15. I have a 2016 Tacoma, and want to buy a grill.
  16. Although positioned in the concept car, the Ford Ranger Storm is still based on the concept of the current Ford Ranger by adding kits. Ford's move is naturally considered for the aftermarket in South America. In appearance, the new Ford Ranger Storm concept car is fitted with Pirelli's MTR Scorpion all-terrain tires, matching 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels. After upgrading the tires, the vehicle posture of the new Ford Ranger Storm concept car has been significantly improved. However, in terms of chassis, the Ford Ranger Storm concept car did not upgrade the suspension system, still retaining the configuration of the regular version. In terms of appearance, the Ford Ranger Storm concept car is optimized for exterior details. The intake grille uses a letter grille that is similar to the US version of the Ranger Raptor, but the letters on the grille become Storm. And embellished with silver highlights. The fog lamp trim cover on both sides of the front bumper adjusts the form of the fog lamp and is composed of two LED light sources. A silver shield is added to the front bumper to embellish it. In terms of the kit, the Ranger Storm concept car adds a roof rack to the roof of the gantry, and the right fender adds an additional wading throat. The overall color of the car is dominated by two colors of orange and black. The black cross-country protection kit wraps the area under the cab, while the position of the container changes to the main color. This style of creation is very different from the Raptor version of the North American market. In terms of power, the Ford Ranger Storm concept car is powered by a 3.2-liter inline five-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output of 200 hp and a maximum torque of 470 N·m. It is matched with a six-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system.
  17. How about this bullet style DAB antenna? I want to buy one for my car.
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    Looking for new Toyota body parts? Here is your destination then.
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    Hydrogen induced wear

    That's right. If you want to buy new auto body parts and accessories, please try Motorshive .
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    Advance Auto Parts

    Why don't you try a different choice? Motorshive is a new auto body parts company which will offer a lower price.
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    What are auto parts?

    Auto parts can be divided into several parts. Auto body parts, such as bumpers, grills, doors, and mirrors and so on Auto electrical system, such as auto meters, auto relays, auto switches and so on Auto engine system, such as cooling system, engine mounts, fuel system and so on If you want to learn more about the auto body parts, you can contact me by email at [email protected] or go to Motorshive .
  22. Just go to Motorshive ! A new online store with a lower price for the same product. And the BF is coming. It must surprise you once!
  23. I noticed that the description indicated that it can fit the Toyota Tundra perfectly but was not sure about that.

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