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5 Minutes with AWDA’s Ted Hughes

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Every so often, our editorial staff selects one aftermarket industry professional to get to know a little better. Participants are asked to respond to a series of questions that can be answered in about the same amount of time you might spend chatting at the office coffee pot or waiting for an elevator. In this installment of “5 Minutes With,” we get to know a little more about longtime aftermarket professional Ted Hughes. In October 2022, the Auto Care Association named Hughes as its new senior director of community engagement and AWDA executive director. 

Q: Tell us about your new role and what you like best about it.

A: I have a passion for our industry that was planted nearly 25 years ago and has been cultivated by the people and companies I have worked with during my time in it. So, the thing I like most about my new position is the ability to interact with so many of the people and the companies that made our industry what it is today. The automotive aftermarket was built on the foundation established by traditional parts distribution and having spent my entire career up to this point on the manufacturing side, I had the opportunity to work with them and understand the nuances of this business. As Executive Director of AWDA, getting the chance to work with true legends of our industry day in and day out is something I am very excited about.

Q: What career would you pursue if you didn’t do what you do now?

A: Since this is the only thing I have ever known, it is difficult to think of what else is out there. Aside from the aftermarket, sports are such a huge part of my life, so I would like to think that it would be something in sports. I am not naïve enough to say that I would be the general manager of the Detroit Lions (although I think ANYONE could have done that job the last 60 years and done better), so I will stay away from that. I am not a person that wants or needs the spotlight on me – I prefer to work hard behind the scenes to help the people who deserve it be the successful ones with the light shining on them. Therefore, my career would be a caddie on the PGA Tour. The ability to work alongside the best players at their craft, people who know the meaning of hard work, plus enjoying the camaraderie of working alongside other people who share the same values as me would be a dream come true. In fact, that sounds an awful lot like the opportunity I have within our industry.

Q: What advice would you give your 20-year-old self just starting out?

A: HAVE PATIENCE!!!! The old saying says ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ and that is true of anything worth having – even a career in this great industry. When starting out, keep your head down, work hard, take it all in. Take the opportunity to learn every day, whether it is from people showing you how to do things right, or those who are showing you how not to do things. Every experience should be a learning experience and whether you are 20 or 47, you must keep learning from all of your experiences.

Q: Do you make New Year’s Resolutions or set annual goals for yourself? If yes, what’s your process and what goals do you have for 2023?

A: Professionally I think we all have to have goals – most of us are familiar with the S.M.A.R.T. system and utilizing that to create a roadmap to navigate the upcoming year – so yes, I do have those. However, from the personal side, I try not to restrict myself to specifics and become so focused and targeted that I miss out on opportunities to enjoy life. Simply put, I want to make it through another year, and I want to try and make the world a little bit better place as I navigate through 2023.

Q: Do you have a favorite podcast or YouTube channel? Please share!

A: I mentioned that sports have always been a big part of my life, that started when I first began playing hockey at age two. Growing up in Detroit, or Hockeytown as it became known throughout the 90s and early 00s, that love of hockey has never left me and I still get the chance to get out and skate as often as possible. The emergence of podcasts as a content medium has enabled us hockey fans to see the sport from a different perspective and nobody does it better than Spittin’ Chiclets. The flavor the hosts bring to our sport, within a context that hasn’t been done before, is so refreshing I look forward to every episode.

Q: Skill Check: Think fast – does your car have a cabin air filter and do you know where it is located? 

A: NO BRAINER!!! I drive a 2020 Ford F-150 and the cabin air filter is located directly behind the glove compartment in front of the passenger seat. Working for MAHLE for so many years, I know the importance of cabin air filtration and have installed multiple premium cabin air filters myself.

Q: Name a favorite trip you’ve made or one place on your “bucket list” you’d like to see?

A: I have been blessed to attend The Masters Tournament a couple of different times in Augusta, Georgia. I believe there is no place on God’s Earth as beautiful as Augusta National Golf Club. No matter how many times one can visit, it can’t possibly ever get old – and to possibly one day have the ability to PLAY Augusta National would be beyond ‘Bucket List,’ but would be a real dream come true.

Q: What one word would your co-workers use to describe you?

A: Committed (at least I hope).

If you know someone who would make a great candidate for “5 Minutes With” email AMN Editor Amy Antenora.

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      The Auto Care Association announced the addition of Ted Hughes as its new senior director of community engagement and AWDA executive director.
      Hughes will lead the association’s efforts to evolve community engagement among its members while also serving as the liaison between the association and its Aftermarket Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA) community.
      In his role as senior director of community engagement, Hughes will be a key leader in establishing engagement strategies; communicating membership benefits to existing and prospective members while also strengthening the communities’ membership base; and implementing community practices and policies to provide association members with maximum value.
      As executive director of AWDA, Hughes will provide guidance and primary administrative support for all AWDA-related organizational activities, including assistance in the engagement, growth and retention of the 600-plus-member community.
      “I am very excited to have Ted on board,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association. “Ted’s experience in the aftermarket as well as his communication and customer relation skills made him a natural fit for this position. Our communities – especially AWDA, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary – are the backbone of the association and we are looking forward to further enhancing our community engagement for the betterment of the industry and the association.” 
      “As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, it could not be more fitting than to have Ted as our executive director,” said Ryan Samuels, chair of AWDA and vice president at Buy Wise Auto Parts. “Our market and dynamics are changing, and we look forward to the new energy that Ted will bring to AWDA while helping to preserve our legacy.”
      Hughes brings more than 20 years of aftermarket experience to the association, with his most recent role being the head of marketing for MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. In his role as head of marketing, Hughes was responsible for promotions, public relations, advertising, motorsports programs and the advancement of all electronic and Web-based activities.
      Since 2020, Hughes has served as the vice chair of the Auto Care Association’s Marketing Communications Committee, and since 2020 as the chair of the Marketing Executives Committee for AASA.
      Learn more about the Auto Care Association’s member communities, including AWDA, at
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      What was your first job in the industry?                
      Well, this was my first job in the industry. I started when I was 26 back in 2004, and I’ve been here ever since. I was recruited to join and grow this program that I’m involved with, which I run now, when it was sort of in an infantile stage. There was a great opportunity to grow it. Also, there was a uniqueness with our trust with the insurance companies and our differentiation. I thought it was kind of a neat thing to get involved with, which is a little bit different than what you see out there in general agencies. To me, it was just more intriguing. The word insurance can kind of turn some people off and I understand it. I was coming from a sports marketing background prior to this, and it was a big change. But, then again, it was also pretty fun once I got into it, once I learned more of what it was all about.  
      What do you like best about your current position?
      I think the thing I like best about it is you meet so many different business owners, all across different levels. It’s never the same. It’s really interesting to see in each demographic how each business owner runs their business, how it’s run depending on the climate, depending on the situation where they’re at and, you know, just helping them out. We now become a trusted advisor. They’ll call me and ask for advice on stuff that doesn’t necessarily relate to insurance because I’ve established that credibility with them. We’ve become more of a partner versus just a means to a policy. We become someone they can trust and bounce ideas off of, and we truly work together toward their goals. That part I think is really neat because I feel like I’m adding a lot of value. Being a part of their success is worth it in the long run.
      Did you initially intend to pursue a career in the aftermarket? If not, what drew you to the industry and what keeps you here?
      I think what keeps me going is the same thing that draws me to it. It’s always changing. It’s not static. There are always new ways to learn and grow. The industry is evolving, and those relationships keep going. I’ve had some customers now for as long as I’ve been in the industry — 17 years. It’s always nice to say “you’ve been with me” for that long, or they hand it off to their son or someone else and perpetuate their business and you’re still a part of that. There’s always something around the corner. That is keeping me intrigued and hopeful.
      What do you do when not at work? 
      Well, No. 1, I’ve got two kids, a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old. So that keeps me extremely busy. My 10-year-old is really involved with sports and ice hockey. I help coach his ice hockey team and that takes up quite a bit of time. That’s a long season. It goes on and on. It never ends. Other than that, my wife and I like to play tennis. Sometimes, I try to play golf, but that’s not one of my strengths.
      What one word best sums up your personality?
      That is an interesting question. Using just one word is challenging, but I picked “intuitive” because I feel like I’m good at really being able to understand people and understand what they want, kind of the feel of the room. I feel like that is a strength of mine. I have this kind of uncanny way of knowing if something’s wrong. I can kind of feel it without actually asking that person. It’s one of those things that sometimes is really strong and gets to me. It can be a curse because you can take on other people’s energy so much so that it can affect you. But, I feel like that’s probably one characteristic why I think I’ve been successful at my job. I understand what people need without really having to dig deep. 
      What was your first car?
      My first car was a green Jeep Wrangler. It was a used car. I bought it off a kid who was graduating from college. I had saved some money and my dad helped me out a little bit. It was the best car by far. I had it until the end of college. I just remember the feeling of when you get that first car being just incredible, especially when you work toward it. It was amazing.
      What are you currently reading? 
      I just finished a book I’m really into. I’ve always been obsessed with Navy Seals and very crazy things that people have gone through and kind of a growth mindset. So, the last one I read is called “
      link hidden, please login to view,” by Brent Gleeson. It was really fascinating about what he went through in his training, his challenges in life and how people can get through it by shifting their mindset. I always seem to be intrigued by how these guys do it and their mental toughness.  Favorite quote, mantra or motto?
      This actually kind of goes with that book I was reading, but I love it being that I’m in sales. It is: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. I think it’s something that everybody can apply because the more you get comfortable being uncomfortable, the more you’ll take risks that apply to growth. And, the more you will get yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy life, hopefully not having as many regrets when it’s all said and done.
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