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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Design of stamping process supplementary part

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        In order to realize drawing forming, it is necessary to add some materials with certain shapes outside the body of the panel to form the drawing process parts. These added parts are called process supplement parts. Generally speaking, the supplementary part of the process extends outward along the flanging line of the workpiece, then gradually changes its shape, turning the sharp corner of the original product into a spherical corner, turning the original unclosed area into a closed cavity, gradually changing the original depth of different drawing into a more uniform drawing depth, and changing the supplementary part into a spherical corner. The side wall of the drawing part improves the positioning condition of the stamping part in the post construction process.

        The process supplement includes two parts: the process extension surface and the pressing surface, which will be removed in the subsequent process. Therefore, under the condition that the satisfactory drawing parts can be drawn, the supplementary parts of the drawing process can be reduced as much as possible. The main function of the process extension surface is to make the drawing parts easy to form, including forming the side wall with simple shape, and increasing the local wall height, so that the drawing depth is more uniform, the concave surface shape is simplified, and the material is synchronized. Deformation, in order to prevent chattering lines and offset lines: the part of the drawing piece in contact with the blanking ring is called the blanking surface, it can be part of the body of the drawing piece, can also be made up of process supplements: in the panel drawing, in order to prevent wrinkling, the use of blanking ring to press the blank, there must be a blanking surface.


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