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Charlie Duan

Introduction of Auto water pump

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Pump is a very widely used general machinery, is a machine to convert the mechanical energy of the original motor into liquid energy;
Pump performance is the external manifestation of the movement of liquid in the pump, and the movement of liquid is determined by the geometric shape of the flowing part.
Therefore, different from general machinery, the hydraulic runner designed by the pump has a unique core function in the structure, and the accuracy of the hydraulic runner after manufacturing and assembly is particularly important.
Hydraulic runner is a special geometrical shape existing in the parts by hot-working casting, and then after mechanical processing group
The location of the installation is determined in the whole machine. Therefore, it is the decisive factor to ensure the precision reserve of the pump and to meet the performance of the product to take reasonable technological measures in each process of production and manufacturing.
The hydraulic flow passage of the pump is mainly arranged on the pump body and the impeller. The flow passage of the pump body is fixed.
The impeller rotates with the axis. Due to the action of the impeller blade, the movement of the liquid in the impeller is caused by implicated motion and relative motion
A composite motion.
In the pump manufacturing process, often because of every aspect, caused the pump after processing, the assembly, the rotor's actual hydraulic flow design of the rotary center and geometric center misalignment (as shown in figure, figure -), such changes in the flow field inside the pump, the liquid is impact to the pump performance parameters such as flow rate, lift and efficiency, to reduce the energy consumption of shaft power of increase;
Also may cause the rotor force imbalance, shadow pump vibration, overload overcurrent and other faults.


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