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  1. These days demand for Auto is increased by 100%, everyone wants a vehicle. So, the market for vehicle grow and it will create a great number of jobs. If you want a job, then you have to learn. The Vehicle market growth directly reciprocal to vehicle parts also. I will discuss here on Automotive Suspension, A suspension is the arrangement of tires, tire air, springs, stun permeable and linkages that associates a vehicle to its haggles relative movement between the two. It is mainly used in a vehicle for support both road holding, handling, and ride quality. It was first time used by Mors of Paris in 1901 by Henri Fournier. After that, it will be developed and used by different Countries of the Company. There are Two types of Automotive Suspension: 1) Dependent Suspension 2) Independent Suspension In Dependent, which both the privilege and the left wheels of the front and the back match of wheels are associated with a strong axle so that the upward movement because of the knock in any one wheel of the front and the back wheels combine causes a slight lift in the other. In simple word, it will be used in a high-level road to surface contact vehicles. Which are used in luggage’s lift from one place to another? Example: Trucks, Buses, in which front and rear pairs of wheels connected with a solid axle.
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