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03C121004J-Water Pump for SKODA VW AUDI SEAT

Yu Billy
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03C121004J introduction

Comprised of bearing, water seal, vane, and other components, 03C121004J serves to maintain uninterrupted circulation of cooling liquid, which absorbs heat from parts like radiator and engine cylinder, thus preventing overheated status of the engine.

Common faults of 03C121004J:
1. Leakage due to inadequate sealing of the water pump;
2. Noticeable noise;
3. Excessively frequent or strong vibrations that may cause cracks to develop on the water pump;
4. Following startup of the car, the reading on the tachometer changes irregularly, and on some occasions flameout may occur. This can be explained most of the time by abnormal rotation resistance of the water pump.


Reference NO: 03C121004J
Name: Water Pump

Applicable models of vika 03C121004J
A1 11-14
AL 11-/IB 09-11;12-12;13-

Advantages of vika 03C121004J
1. Thanks to a high-frequency quenching process, the bearing is covered by a quenched layer 0.8-1.5mm in thickness, making it more tolerant of radial force and more flexible;

2. The high-quality ceramic water seal is characterized by low noise, excellent sealing, long service life, and lower probability of leakage;

3. The vane made of PPS and GF materials is less prone to deformation or fall-off owing to great dynamic balance performance;

4. Cast from ADC12 aluminum ingot, the enclosure is dense and not susceptible to deformation.

vika 03C121004J, an easy-to-install and durable product, and an ideal choice for original cars. Contact us if you are interested!

Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected] 

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