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  1. 5Q0919050P common fault 1. The oil quality is poor and the gasoline filter replacement time is long. Poor fuel quality will cause more impurities in the fuel tank, which will easily cause the fuel pump to be blocked, pumping oil is difficult, and long-term high-load work will eventually lead to failure. 2. Long-term low fuel level driving The fuel pump relies on gasoline for cooling, and long-term low fuel level driving will prevent the fuel pump from cooling and reduce its life. 3. Refueling is always filled up at once If you often drive in the city and it is convenient to refuel, it is not necessary to fill up every time you refuel. Because this may cause oil float and sensor failure, and even cause distortion of the fuel gauge and increase fuel consumption. Reference NO:5Q0919050P Name:fuel delivery unit and sender for fuel gauge Brand:vika vika 5Q0919050P applicable models: SKODA: OCT 13-18/KAR 18- VW: GOLF 13-17/GOSV 14-/TROC 18- AUDI: A3 13-17/A3CA 15-17/AQ2 17-/ATT 15- SEAT: AT 16-/LE 13-17 vika 5Q0919050P advantages: Advantage 1: Anti-electromagnetic interference. When the electronic fuel pump is working, it will be interfered by the electronic equipment on the car. The vika electronic fuel pump contains electronic components that inhibit IFA, thereby eliminating the interference of electronic equipment on the product. Advantage 2: High closing valve pressure. The pressure value of the closing valve of vika electronic fuel pump can reach 660kpa~800kpa; The value of Bosch original products is generally between 450kpa and 600kpa. Advantage 3: Innovatively increase innuendo function. The mapping function can keep the oil pump housing always full of oil! Avoid not pumping oil due to insufficient pressure when the amount of oil is insufficient, cooling the pump core at all times, and effectively improving the service life. Contact us Purchase link:http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email:[email protected]
  2. Control arm appears as a steering and transmission component in an automotive suspension system. It transmits various forces exerted on wheels to the car body, and meanwhile restricts wheels to certain paths. Symptoms of a faulty 8W0407505C: 1.Noise (shriek, squeal, or rumble); 2.Worsening driving performance; 3.Increasingly difficult and inaccurate turning operation; 4.Uneven tyre wear. Reference NO: 8W0407505C Name: track control arm Brand: vika Applicable models of vika 8W0407505C: AUDI: A4 16-/A4Q 16-/A5CA 17-/A5CO 17-/RS4 18-/RS5 18 Advantages of vika 8W0407505C: 1.The BASF PA6 material is extremely stable in performance and not subject to temperature-induced expansion or contraction. These properties ensure great driving comfort; 2.The product features a lateral buckling strength of more than 100KN, equal to 7 times of full front axle load of a Lixiang ONE model; 3.The product is more durable and stable. Put in storage for 11 years at 120℃, its mechanical properties will generally experience no degradation. At a low temperature (-30℃), the material tension strength will remain largely unchanged; vika recommendation: A flawed bearing or joint may be replaced individually if the control arm functions normally. However, given the high cost for replacing a bearing or joint, changing the whole set of control arm would be a safer and more affordable choice. How often should 8W0407505C be replaced? Replacement is required in special circumstances such as a deformed or cracked control arm owing to a severe impact. Particular attention should be paid to the following aspects during use: 1.Watch for rust: If rust appears on the control arm, be sure to have it treated at a 4S shop in order to prevent breaking and accident; 2.Avoid chassis scratch: Slow down the car while passing a bumpy road in order to avoid chassis scratch and prevent a crack from developing on the control arm. A damaged control arm may cause direction jitters and deflections; 3.Following replacement of a control arm, the four wheels need to be repositioned to avoid deflection or premature wear of certain wheels. Contact us Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
  3. OE NO: 07K905715G Name: ignition coil Brand: Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 07K905715G SKODA: OCT04-08/OCT 09-13/SUP 08-13/YET 10-18 VW: AMA 17-/BE 06-10;12-/BEC 06-10;13-/CAMP 16-/CC 12-17/JE 11-14/EOS 09-16/GOC 12-16/GOLF 06-07;09-10;10-14/JE 06-08;15-18/PA 06-07;11-/PACC 09-12/SCI 09-18/SHA 11- AUDI: A3 04-07;09-13/A3CA 08-13/A4 05-12/A4AR 10-16/A4Q 05-12/A5CA 10-11/A5CO 08-16/A6 05-08;11-14/A6Q 05-09;11-14/A8 10-13/A8Q 10- SEAT: AL 11-15/ALT 11-15/EX 09-14/LE 06-13/TO 05-09 Borsehung 07K905715G, a pure OE product with superb quality and a very competitive price, is now in ample supply. Welcome to place an order! Contact us Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/ Email: [email protected]
  4. OE NO:06H107065BE Name:piston complete(4PC/SET) Brand:Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 06H107065BE SKODA: OCT 09-13/SUP 08-13/ VW: EOS 09-16/GOLF 07-14/JE 06-14/PA 08-15/PACC 09-12/SCI 09-14/SHA 11-16/TIG 08-11/ AUDI: A3 08-13/A3CA 08-13/A5CO 08-11/AQ5 09-12/ATT 07-10 SEAT: AL 11-15/ALT 07-13/LE 06-13/ Borsehung 06H107065BE, a pure OE product with superb quality and a very competitive price, is now in ample supply. Welcome to place an order! Contact us Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/ Email: [email protected]
  5. OE NO:1K1819015 Name:fan Brand:Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 1K1819015 SKODA: OCT09-13 VW: CA04-11/EOS06-08/GO04-13/JE06-10/PA06-11 AUDI: A3 04-13 SEAT: ALT04-10/LE06-10/TO05-09 Borsehung 1K1819015, a pure OE product with superb quality and a very competitive price, is now in ample supply. Welcome to place an order! Contact us Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/ Email: [email protected]
  6. 6C0807109A is also called anti-collision beam, as the name implies, it is a kind of protection for the car and the people on the car in the event of a car collision, so there is another name called safety beam. The anti-collision beams on the market are of uneven quality. Choosing a good anti-collision beam is responsible for your car, yourself, your family and friends. At present, the original anti-collision beam of the main engine factory generally has a wall thickness of 2mm, while the thickness of the outside subsidiary factory has a large difference of 1mm, mostly 1.5mm. If you do an anti-collision experiment, imagine what is the consequence of a 1.5mm anti-collision beam colliding with a 2.06mm anti-collision beam? Reference NO: 6C0807109A Name: reinforcement for front bumper Brand:DPA Applicable models of DPA 6C0807109A: VW: PO 15- Advantages of DPA 6C0807109A: 1.DPA 6C0807109A is produced in strict accordance with the OE standard material thickness, which is 2.06mm thick. 2.DPA 6C0807109A adopts the arc welding process to effectively prevent the formation of pores, slag inclusions, cracks and other defects in the weld from nitrogen and water vapor entering the molten pool, which deteriorate the quality and performance of the weld. 3.DPA 6C0807109A, the product weight is 5.95kg, the material thickness is 2.06mm, and it is developed and produced in strict accordance with the original factory standards. Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
  7. Finally, Here We Are vika DPA shop will be launched online on August 28th.
  8. Reference NO:5E1941017 Name:headlight; left; Brand:vika Applicable models of DPA 5E1941017: SKODA: OCT13- Advantages of DPA 5E1941017: Advantage one: 1) DPA mask adopts German Bayer brand products; 2) The material has good UV resistance, which guarantees that the DPA lampshade will not turn yellow within two years and will maintain good transparency after long-term use; 3) The surface undergoes a hardening treatment process to increase the hardness of the mask and reduce external scratches. Advantage two: 1) The face shield adopts the robot hand gluing process, the amount of glue is even, the air tightness of the car lights is high, and the problem of water leakage is eliminated; 2) The appearance of the DPA lamp housing and the mask is tidy, and the holes of the mask and the lamp housing are accurate and firm Advantage three: 1) Rear shell material: glass fiber reinforced modified PP (glass fiber content 20%); 2) Material advantages: •The dimensional stability has been improved, the shrinkage rate is reduced, and the thermal deformation is small; • Mechanical properties have been improved to varying degrees, such as rigidity and impact resistance; •At the same time, the hardness, density and wear resistance are improved. Advantage four: 1) DPA headlight mounting screws: the surface is treated with zinc-nickel alloy; 2) The appearance is consistent with the OE quality, with more detailed quality assurance; 3) After long-term use, it can still keep the appearance without rust. Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
  9. OE NO: 06H127026 Name: fuel bump Brand:Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 06H127026: VW: BE12-/CC12-/GO10-13/JE11-14/PA11-/OCT04-13/SUP08-13/YET10-13 AUDI: ALT07-13/LE11-13/A3 09-13 As a pure OE product, Borsehung 06H127026 provides maximum quality assurance and a very competitive price in the market. Welcome to make inquiries. Contact us Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/ Email: [email protected]
  10. OE NO:038109101R Name:camshaft Brand:Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 038109101R SKODA: FAB 02-04;05-08;07-10/OCT 01-11;04-08;09-13/RO 06-10/SUP 02-08;08-13 VW: BE 99-10/BEC 03-10/BO 02-05/CA 04-11/CAMP 04-10/GOLF 98-09/GOPL 05-09/IMD 08-/JE 06-10/PA 97-11/PASY 97-99/PO 05-10/SHA 96-10/TOU 03-10/TR 03-10 AUDI: A3 01-13/A4 99-01/A4Q 99-05/A6 98-05/A6Q 02-05 SEAT: AL 01-02;03-05;06-08;09-10/ALT 04-06;07-10;11-13/CO 03-05;06-09/IB 02-05;06-10/LE 00-01;02-06;06-10;11-13/TO 99-01;02-04;05-09 Borsehung 038109101R, a pure OE product with superb quality and a very competitive price, is now in ample supply. Welcome to place an order! Contact us Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/ Email: [email protected]
  11. 6C0807109A, also known as anti-collision beam, provides protection for the car and all passengers in the case of a collision. As the anti-collision beams now available in market vary greatly in quality, selection of a high-grade product means better safety assurance for you and your family and friends. Original anti-collision beams typically have a wall thickness of 2mm. Common faults of 6C0807109A: 1.The product has a short service life as it is prone to rust and erosion; 2.A severe collision of the car may cause the product to seriously deform or break. Reference NO: 6C0807109A Name: reinforcement for front bumper Brand: DPA Applicable models of DPA 6C0807109A VW: PO 15- Advantages of DPA 6C0807109A: 1.With a net weight of 5.95kg and a thickness of 2.06mm, this DPA product uses the same material as OE products. It is able to absorb impact energy effectively during a collision, thus decreasing repair cost related to accidents and lowering safety risks; 2.The product features tensile strength up to 210Mpa and yield strength up to 140Mpa, with performance comparable to OE products; 3.The electrophoretic paint film on the surface provides good adhesion and will not fall off easily. It adds to corrosion resistance of the product while prolonging its service life. Contact us: Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
  12. Common faults of 04E115561B: 1.Loose connection between the plastic enclosure and the engine; 2.Poor oil filtering and resulting excessive impurities due to inferior quality of the filter element; 3.Oil leakage on sealed parts of the enclosure and the cooler due to a defective sealing coil. Reference NO:04E115561B Name:oil filter Brand:vika Applicable models of vika 04E115561B SKODA: CIT12-/OCT13-/FAB15-/RAP13-/SUP15-/YET14- VW: BE12-13/CA16-/CC12-/GO13-14/JE11-14/PO13-15/UP12-12 SEAT: AL16-/IB13-16/LE13-16/MI12-/TO13-16 Advantages of vika 04E115561B 1.Like OE products, the filter element enclosure is made of PA66+35%GF from Dupont brand, a world renowned engineering plastic expert; 2.The filter element uses German filter paper exclusively, the same as original filter elements; 3.The enclosure and the cooler are sealed with fluororubber seal rings, which feature excellent resistance to fire, air penetration, high temperature, oil, solvent, combustion, chemicals, and harsh weather; 4.hanks to use of an injection moulding process, the dimensional tolerance is as low as 1MM. Other features include smooth surface, good airtightness, consistent shape and size, and the same process parameters as OE products. Contact us: Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
  13. Common faults of 1K0959455ET: 1.High noise: High noise mostly results from eccentric blades. 2.Excessive jitter during fan operation: This is attributable to a problematic motor rotor. The original parts of Borsehung 1K0959455ET provide great quality assurance. They are applicable to SKODA, VW, AUDI, and SEAT models. OE NO: 1K0959455ET Name: radiator fan Brand: Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 1K0959455ET SKODA: FAB00-04;05-08/OCT97-00;01-11 VW: BE99-01/BO99-01;03-05/GOLF98-06/LU99-06/PO02-08/POS02-06/AR97-03;04-04 AUDI: A307-13/ATT99-06 SEAT: CO03-05;06-09;IB02-05;06-10/LE00-01;02-06/TO99-01;02-04 Borsehung 1K0959455ET is a pure OE product in ample supply at a very competitive price. Welcome to place an order. We also offer original parts for SKODA, VW, AUDI, and SEAT for your convenience. Contact us Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/ Email: [email protected]
  14. 8D0698671+1K0698470 common faults: 1.During the long-term use of the brake caliper assembly, the dust cover of the bolt is aged and damaged. 2.The car travels for 30,000 kilometers. During the replacement of brake pads, the thread of the guide bolt is easily damaged. Reference NO: 8D0698671+1K0698470 Name:repair kit for brake caliper Brand: vika Applicable models of vika 8D0698671+1K0698470 SKODA: FAB00-04;05-08;07-10;11-15;15-/OCT97-00;01-11;04-08;09-13/RAP13-/RO06-10;11-15/SUP02-08; 08-13;14-15/YET10- VW: BE99-13/BO99-05/CA04-15/CC12-/EOS06-/FO05-12/GO95-16/JE06-14/LT97-07/LU99-06/PA94-15/PO02-15/SCI09-14 AUDI: A100 83-94/A1 11-14/A3 97-13/A4 95-08/A6 95-/A5 08-/A6 95-/A804-/ATT 99-14 SEAT: ALT11-13;14-/EX09-14/IB99-05;06-10;09-11;12-12/LE00-13/TO99-09 Advantages of vika 8D0698671+1K0698470 1.Product performance advantages: The main material is made of high-quality neoprene: the rubber layer is flexible, good elasticity, impact resistance, good media resistance, good oil resistance and water resistance, the guide bolt hardness reaches 8.8, 50,000 kilometers quality assurance; 2.Quality control advantages: production is carried out according to the strict requirements of the ISO/TS16949 quality management system, ensuring process control and online full inspection of finished products, and stabilizing product performance; 3.Service advantage: the brake caliper repair kit is launched, customers can replace the vulnerable parts on the caliper assembly separately, keep the original brake caliper shell to continue to use, avoid waste, more environmentally friendly, greatly reduce the maintenance cost, guarantee Customer benefits; Contact us: Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
  15. Function of 6RU805588F: Installed on the front end of core heat dissipation parts like water tank, condenser, and intercooler, 6RU805588F helps immobilize and protect these parts. Common faults of 6RU805588F: The product is subject to weld fracture and denaturation. Reference NO: 6RU805588F Name: front panel Brand: DPA Applicable models of DPA 6RU805588F VW: PO 15-/VENTO 16-/ Advantages of DPA 6RU805588F: 1.The surface of DPA 6RU805588F has received electrophoretic treatment, which results in even, flat, and smooth coating as well as excellent hardness, adhesion, and resistance to corrosion resistance, shock, and penetration. It can effectively prevent weld fracture, rust, and deformation. 2.The ST16 steel sheets developed specifically for automotive applications provide yield strength of 180MPa, tensile strength not lower than 250MPa, and 39% end face elongation, all adding to excellent extrusion surface quality. 3.With accurate welding holes and firm welding spots, the dimensional tolerance is controlled within 1mm, and the product is well protected against deformation. How often should 6RU805588F be replaced? 6RU805588F is typically replaced when the front part of the car is scratched or if the water tank frame is damaged in an accident. Contact us: Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en Email: [email protected]
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