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Aluminium Alloy Question

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Dear Moderators: please forgove me if I am posting this in wrong forum. Please move it to correct forum then





My friend has told me that certain car parts are made from Aluminium Alloy that contains Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper. 

This was once called Duraluminium and was used in plane industry. 

Would anyone here perhaps know what part in the car is made with alloy that contains at last 90% Aluminium 4-5% Copper 4-5% Magnesium?


I don't need the parts, I want alloy itself. 

I live in United Kingom and horrible ''Health & Safety'' laws here make it almost impossible to buy anytthing that is considered unusual.

I just wish to know what series of Aluminium Alloy is closest to Dural alloy in composition and which car parts are made from it. 

Then I try buying those parts for alloy itself. 


Thank You in Advance

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