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Garage Storage For Winter

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Save Your Spring This Winter!

For centuries, the wintertime meant people stayed mostly indoors, keeping cozy and warm, from October until April. These days, the coldest months of the year are usually the

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, and it seems there’s no end to all the decorating, celebrating and snow-worshipping! From that giant Halloween skeleton to the turkey fryer, holiday lights and snowboards, our wintertime gear and holiday decor often ends up disorganized in that catch-all place: the garage. Worst of all, that jumbled mess means spending the first warm, sunny days of spring cleaning and organizing your garage.

This year, don’t get overwhelmed by letting a cluttered garage spoil your season. NAPA Auto Parts is here to help you find the perfect storage and organization solutions for your winter gear and decor. Let us show you how to keep your garage tidy, so you can skip the storage stress and save your spring.

A Place For Every Fun And Festive Thing
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So, the holidays are over and you got some great gear. A brand new set of skis and poles, a shiny new sled and even some

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for your tires so you can drive over those snowy mountain passes safely! But where is it all going to go? If the best answer is the garage, know that NAPA Auto Parts can help you get organized, so your garage stays tidy and your gear remains damage-free.

Consider a

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that mounts to your wall and keeps your valuable equipment from sliding into a corner or collecting moisture on the floor. Best of all, you can conveniently hang your snow-covered boots upside down so they dry faster and stay mildew-free. While you’re at it, mount a second
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and keep your rakes, shovels and yard tools organized and easily accessible. For a more compact wall storage solution, consider a reliable set of
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for holding looped holiday lights, tire chains and extension cords. 

When space gets tight on the floor and wall, there’s nowhere to go but up.

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feature convenient pulley systems that mount to your garage ceiling. This is a great option for storing winter gear like sleds, skis and snowboards or summer toys like kayaks, bikes and canoes. It also works for ladders, ramps and other home and yard equipment. You can even wrap and store oversized yard decor and artificial trees, so they stay off the floor and free of moisture. 

Every Fun and Festive Thing In It’s Place
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Decorating was a nightmare last year! You went into the garage to unpack the inflatable reindeer and found that, over the summer, they’d met a moldy end in the corner. Then, you had to rush out and buy new strands of lights because the ones you had were piled in a tangled mess. And let’s just hope Nana never finds out that you stored one of her priceless glass ornaments in a damp cardboard box and it got crushed.

This year is all about keeping the garage organized and your decor stored properly. Keep wreaths, garlands and seasonal dishes secure and dry in a

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The metal latches keep the lid firmly closed and the nesting design means everything fits together when not in use, saving valuable storage space. Ornaments and smaller, more delicate items can be wrapped and stored in the super-adaptable
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These interlocking storage boxes are durable and customizable, so you can configure your Milwaukee Packout system however you want. Best of all, your Milwaukee Packout system can be stacked on
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for easy transport.

Finally, there’s no need to store your containers and Milwaukee Packout on the floor. Keep everything elevated, organized and easy to find using a

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These shelving solutions from Iron Horse include five durable particle board shelves, and the boltless design allows you to quickly and easily assemble and disassemble them. The riveted steel construction ensures they can hold a total of 3,800 evenly distributed pounds.

Now, you can shop all our great storage solutions as well as our thousands of parts and accessories and get rewarded with

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After you sign up, you’ll receive One Point for every $1 you spend, and when you accumulate 100 Points, you’ll automatically receive $5 off your next purchase. ‘Tis the season for getting organized, and gifting great garage storage solutions from NAPA Auto Parts!

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