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How To: Install Vent Visors

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    • By NAPA
      It doesn’t matter if you call them window visors or rain guards, the car window wind deflectors you are seeking are available at NAPAonline. An in-channel wind deflector is designed to divert rain away from slightly opened windows, which typically draw moisture and wind inside the vehicle cabin. You can add rain visors or wind vent visors to your sporty sedan, hard-working pickup or deluxe SUV for a little outside ventilation even during a complete downpour. 
      What Do Window Deflectors Do?
      There are four main reasons why a vehicle owner chooses to customize their ride with a set of
      link hidden, please login to view: a more refreshing ride, noise reduction, releasing trapped air and an attractive aerodynamic upgrade. Placing wind deflectors on cars is vital to cruising down the highway. Let the fresh air in without moisture or debris even on a windy, rainy day. Even a low-profile vent visor allows air in without the roaring, whistling effect of gusting wind. The NAPA experts recommend that you install a set of car window deflectors to release trapped heat and humidity fogging up your glass, both while driving and when parked. If your vehicle often sits in the sun on a summer day, vent visors allow you to crack the window to let hot air escape without allowing in thieves, pests or pop-up showers. On the road, your SUV’s backseat and cargo area is filled with excited dogs, smelly teenage athletes, take-home food containers and wet swim gear. A set of four high-quality window deflectors allows you to move the odor out of the vehicle without letting in any more elements.
      Finally, attractive rain guards (specifically designed to complement your vehicle) enhance the style of your ride. And, this sleek, streamlined upgrade is both an aesthetic and aerodynamic improvement, which means you get more miles out of each fill up or charge.
      Shopping Window Deflectors for Cars, Trucks & SUVs link hidden, please login to view
      NAPAonline offers a huge assortment of
      link hidden, please login to view to customize your ride from the roof to the rims. Whether you want to outfit your off-road Jeep, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Silverado or Ford F150, NAPA offers top brands like link hidden, please login to view (AVS), link hidden, please login to view and link hidden, please login to view. And, keep in mind, AVS vent visors and WeatherTech wind deflectors are the perfect additions for any hybrid or electric vehicle.  If you are searching for
      link hidden, please login to view, the NAPA experts recommend selecting a long-lasting, durable, shatter-proof product, typically made of scratch-proof, fade-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate material. Look for descriptions like “guaranteed not to bend, warp or crack.” Most visors and deflectors are offered with either a smokey tint treatment or matte black finish. One popular model is the link hidden, please login to view, which is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The easy, pop-in installation is confirmed by the great customer reviews! Also, check out the link hidden, please login to view constructed from injection-sculpted, high-grade automotive ABS plastic with moisture-wicking capabilities and a beaded edge.  Specifically shopping for an AVS wind deflector set? Check out the
      link hidden, please login to view, which are made in the U.S. Depending on your make and model, some of these specialized window visors are trimmed in chrome to match the look and feel of your vehicle without the high price of a dealership upgrade. If you have a bit more stretch in your budget, consider the link hidden, please login to view. Not only do these visors incorporate a flat design, but they also come in a range of color options, including silver, gray, white and black. How to Install Window Deflectors on Your Vehicle
      To make car window deflector installation as easy as possible, most products utilize a computer-engineered design for a seamless fit to your exact make and model. Most window deflectors are offered in either a two-piece front set or four-piece front and rear set. Whether you opt for
      link hidden, please login to view (using the provided 3M adhesive tape) or link hidden, please login to view (inserting directly into each window channel), your window deflector installation should not require any drilling or specialized hardware. This makes installing wind deflectors an easy afternoon project in your garage, driveway or parking lot.  The NAPA experts are here to guide you through how to install window deflectors, but your deflector kit will include clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Start by cleaning and drying the window and window channel to remove any dirt, grime and moisture. If you are installing a tape-on wind deflector, clean off the door frame at the top and sides of the window.
      To install in-channel wind deflectors, place the front end of the deflector flange on the top of the outer windowsill weatherstrip. Then slide the flange into the channel. It is important that the front edge is on the outer sill and not within your vehicle’s window well. Once the front end is in position, gently bend the deflector toward you. The rear end of the flange should slip into the rear vertical window channel. Work from front to back, tucking the flange into the window channel.
      Save on Deflectors, Visors & Guards at NAPA
      The price of quality car window deflectors ranges from $55 to $95. However, these simple, install-it-yourself aftermarket accessories are only part of the full package. Also, consider purchasing a
      link hidden, please login to view—designed to reduce the amount of noise and wind from above—or a link hidden, please login to view, which prevents insects, rocks and other debris from scratching the hood of your vehicle.

      Take advantage today of our link hidden, please login to view on more than 160,000 products. Additionally, NAPA offers even more savings with link hidden, please login to view. Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend—collect 100 points, and automatically get $5 off your next order.

      Not confident about completing an automotive customization project on your own? When in doubt, take your vehicle to a link hidden, please login to view. Our ASE-certified technicians are here to provide expert service to give you peace of mind and an outstanding ride. The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
      link hidden, please login to view
    • By Harley M
      Hey there, I am curious if anyone knows where to locate the “plug” to INSTALL a block heater in my 2013 Chevy Equinox LT 2.4L.
      I have not been able to find anything online about where a block heater can be installed and if it even has a plug to slide through. Am I better off getting a magnetic block heater?
      Thanks in advance. 
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