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How To: Replace Brake Hose and Line (Cutting, Flaring, and Bending)

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    • By garryhe
      When it comes to the safety and performance of your vehicle, selecting the right brake pads is paramount. As a leader in the industry, Ketulla is dedicated to providing high-quality brake pads tailored to meet the diverse needs of drivers worldwide. Whether you're in search of OEM, ODM, or aftermarket brake pads, let us guide you through the process of choosing the perfect fit for your vehicle.
      Understanding Ketulla Brake Pads: At Ketulla, we offer a comprehensive range of brake pads, each designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability:
      Ketulla OEM Brake Pads:
      Brake pads types: Ceramic, semi-metallic, low metallic brake pads Crafted to meet the exact specifications of leading vehicle manufacturers. Engineered for precision fit and optimal performance. Designed to maintain the integrity of your vehicle's braking system while ensuring safety and reliability. Ketulla ODM Brake Pads:
      Tailored solutions for OEM manufacturers and distributors. Customized to meet specific performance requirements and branding preferences. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium materials to exceed industry standards. Ketulla Aftermarket Brake Pads:
      High-quality alternatives for drivers seeking performance and value. Designed to provide consistent braking performance and durability. Available in a variety of formulations, including organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic, to suit different driving needs and preferences. Choosing the Right Ketulla Brake Pads: Selecting the ideal Ketulla brake pads for your vehicle is a straightforward process when you consider the following factors:
      Vehicle Compatibility:
      Ensure that the brake pads you choose are compatible with your vehicle's make, model, and year. Consult your vehicle manufacturer's specifications or contact Ketulla customer support for assistance in selecting the right brake pads. Driving Conditions and Habits:
      Tailor your brake pad selection to match your driving habits and conditions. For daily commuting and city driving, consider Ketulla's OEM or aftermarket brake pads for reliable performance in varied conditions. If you frequently tow heavy loads or engage in performance driving, opt for Ketulla's ODM or aftermarket high-performance brake pads for enhanced stopping power and durability. Budget and Performance:
      Ketulla offers brake pads to suit every budget and performance requirement. Choose from our range of OEM, ODM, and aftermarket options based on your budget constraints and desired level of performance. Rest assured that with Ketulla brake pads, you're investing in quality and reliability, regardless of your budget. If you want to know more, just look through our webpages(
      link hidden, please login to view), our professional team always be at your service.
    • By NAPA
      Chase Elliott and the No. 9 link hidden, please login to view team qualified ninth for Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway. Elliott finished stage one in 10th and followed that up with an 11th-place result in stage two. The 28-year-old driver lined up fourth for an overtime restart in the final stage, driving to a third-place finish. It was Elliott’s second consecutive top-five result and his fifth top-five in the last six Cup Series races. The 2020 NASCAR Cup Series champion ranks third in the points standings, just 55 markers behind the leader. Chase Elliott started ninth in Sunday’s rain-delayed NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway and was scored in the 14th position on lap 10 when he reported that his No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 was tight. As the run went on, he radioed that his Chevy’s handling was coming to him. Elliott was in 15th when green-flag pit stops started near lap 30. Crew chief Alan Gustafson called the driver of the No. 9 to pit road on lap 33 for four tires, fuel and an air-pressure adjustment. He was back inside the top 15 once the field cycled through pit stops. By lap 62, he found his way to 10th where he remained to end stage one on lap 80.
      After pitting for four tires and fuel during the stage break, Elliott took the green flag for stage two from the ninth position on lap 89. A chaotic restart shuffled the 28-year-old driver back to 15th, but as the run went on, he made up ground and climbed to 12th by lap 113. As green-flag pit stops were drawing near, Gustafson asked Elliott for feedback on the NAPA Chevrolet. After receiving positive comments from his driver, Gustafson radioed for Elliott to visit pit road on lap 119 for four tires, fuel and an air-pressure adjustment. Once the pit cycle was complete, Elliott was back up to 12th and continued to close in on the cars ahead of him. By lap 143, he re-entered the top 10. He battled hard to remain in the 10th position, but another car just barely beat him to the line to finish stage two, relegating Elliott to 11th.
      Under the stage-ending caution, Elliott reported that he really liked his NAPA Chevy’s balance. He brought the No. 9 Chevrolet to the attention of his pit crew for fuel and four fresh tires. A fast stop gained Elliott three spots on pit road. He started the final stage from the eighth position on lap 173. The early portion of the stage was plagued with cautions, with Elliott and the No. 9 team opting not to pit during the first few yellow flags. When the caution came out again on lap 198, Elliott pitted from the ninth position for four tires and fuel. Varying pit strategies put Elliott in the 20th position as the field lined up for the choose cone. He took the outside lane for the restart on lap 205 and powered his way back inside the top 15 on lap 208. Elliott continued his climb forward, reaching 10th less than 10 laps later. As the long green-flag run went on, he gained two more positions. Elliott was in eighth after a caution came out on lap 261, which sent the race into overtime. When pit road opened, Gustafson called Elliott in for right-side tires and fuel. Elliott was the fourth car off pit road, with the top nine cars all taking two tires. The 2020 Cup Series champion lined up on the outside of the second row for the overtime restart. He battled intensely in the final two laps to take the checkered flag in the third position.
      The finish was Elliott’s second consecutive top-five finish and his fifth top-five in the last six Cup Series races. The Hendrick Motorsports driver leaves Kansas Speedway third in the Cup Series points standings, just 55 markers behind the leader.
      Start / Finish: 9 / 3
      Points Standing / Total: 3rd / 412 pts. (-55)
      Next Race: Sunday, May 12, Darlington Raceway
      How to Watch or Listen: 3:00 p.m. ET on FS1, MRN or SiriusXM
      link hidden, please login to view
      Chase Elliott:  link hidden, please login to view
      Hendrick Motorsports:  link hidden, please login to view
      No. 9 Team:  link hidden, please login to view The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
      link hidden, please login to view
    • By Dorman Products
      Easy fix for Canyon/Colorado air intake hose leaks | Dorman OE FIX 696-428
    • By Counterman
      B’laster Holdings announced the 
      link hidden, please login to view will be expanding into the refrigerants category with a lineup of products created to service and maintain both R-134a and R-1234yf automotive A/C systems. The B’laster A/C line is now available in retailers across the U.S., the company said.
      Features and benefits of the B’laster Refrigerants, according to B’laster Holdings, include:
      Smart Clips allow users to charge by temperature and provide an easier, more accurate way to determine when an AC recharge is complete. Charging an automotive AC system using temperature helps the user avoid overcharging the system. The Safe-Seal formulation permanently repairs micro leaks in both metal and rubber components found in an AC system. The stop leak technology is not reactive with oxygen or humidity because it is not a polymer-based stop leak so it won’t clog your AC system and is safe for use with RRR service machines. Safe-Seal circulates along with the refrigerant in the vehicle’s AC system, sealing micro leaks proactively before they become larger leaks over time. B’laster works with real mechanics to design its product offerings, so users get the perfect pairing of a professional-grade product with DIY package technology. “B’laster has created some of the best automotive care products in the market since 1957,” said Marketing & Product Manager, Morgan Pollen. “With decades of experience to build on, we’re excited about the new technology we’ve developed and incorporated into the B’laster A/C product line. We pride ourselves on being innovative and offering products that both professionals and DIYers can use.”
      The post
      link hidden, please login to view appeared first on link hidden, please login to view.
      link hidden, please login to view
    • By garryhe
      Explore Top-Quality Brake Pads for Toyota Models at Our Factory!
      Hello everyone!
      As a professional brake pad manufacturing factory, we are proud to announce that we cover over 98% of global automotive brands and have cataloged every model for easy reference by our customers.
      We are excited to introduce our extensive range of brake pads for various Toyota models. You can effortlessly browse and purchase them through our website. Whether you need brake pads for the classic Camry, the stylish Corolla, or the robust Tacoma, we have you covered.
      Our brake pads boast premium materials, and expert craftsmanship, and undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance. We guarantee that our products will exceed your expectations and provide you with confidence and peace of mind in your driving experience.
      Whether you're a professional mechanic or an automotive enthusiast, we welcome you to explore our wide range of brake pad offerings at our factory. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products and services.
      Visit our website to discover more: 
      link hidden, please login to view and  link hidden, please login to view Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to collaborating with you!
      Thank you!

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