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1K0906093G 1T0906093F 1T0906093G 断油泵控制器

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1T0906093F 1T0906093G are the Reference number of broken fuel pump controller,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 1K0906093G 1T0906093F 1T0906093G is as follows:

Name: broken fuel pump controller

Reference number: 1K0906093G 1T0906093F 1T0906093G



Applicable models of 1K0906093G 1T0906093F 1T0906093G




Audi:A1 11-14/A3 04-13/A3CA08-13

What are the signs of a broken fuel pump controller?

Signs of a broken fuel pump controller and impacts:

After a fuel pump controller fails, the most evident phenomenon of the fuel supply system is instability, flameout, failed ignition after flameout, or flameout shortly after ignition. Another important sign is heating of the controller, which may result in a blown fuse or constant buzz from the right rear of the vehicle that lingers even after flameout.

When a relay is constantly closed due to a failure in the control circuit, there will be continued discharge from the battery, leading to major battery undercharge. The consequence could be quite serious. In the event of sudden interruption of fuel supply during high-speed drive, catastrophic accident may happen if the case is not handled properly.

How to prevent failures of a 

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1T0906093F 1T0906093G fuel pump controller?

The vehicle should be operated by following standard procedures. Prior to start, a preliminary power-on cycle should be run to complete self-test of the fuel circuit. Always use clean and high-quality fuel. Passengers should refrain from treading on the right rear seat. Before, during, and after a journey, determine if there is any abnormal buzz from the right rear of the vehicle. Much attention should be paid to a battery that is often undercharged. If an abnormal flameout occurs, first check with hand if the rear seat controller is hot.

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