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Having your car stolen is bad enough, and can be potentially dangerous. Statistically, every 45 seconds a motor vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, or bus) is stolen in the United States. Mostly, the stolen car parts can wind up on oversees markets, making recovery possible.

Carjacking is not only a crime, but can give you an emotional, financial, and, unfortunately, financial loss. Thus, it's always better to secure your car and prevent a stealing.

First, take care about a car insurance, so that you will feel calm if something bad happen with you vehicle. Secondly, try to choose affordable middle-class car not to attract too much attention to the latest model or fashanable car parts. Remember to keep your doors locked and windows shut. Put your personal property in the trunk if you leave your vehicle for a long period to make the valuables invisible. Park in secure, well-lit places with a huge traffic movement. The best is to park near the big mall centers close to guard booths, bus stations, or stores. 

It's better to think over a anti-theft devices. There are many choices of different brands: from well-known to rising start-ups who suggest interesting tech solutions. Choose according to your car needs, personal requirement. The best is to use multifunctional devices that occupy small space but rather fashionable. Accessories will dress up you car and make it yours. Most new cars include tracking systems that allow to find a stolen car. The other manufacturers suggest such gadgets that serve as a workable deterrent. They have special sensors that react at any motion if someone is sneaking around you vehicle. German brands for car security accessories proved to be effective and sometimes suggest affordable to broad masses products. Such a novelty TX-100 with charging function from Technaxx is an example of innovational approach, minimal design and has practical applications. 

Vehicle Identification number makes almost impossible to sale a stolen car - so exploit it in a right way.

Always have your cell phone charged. Try to avoid isolated areas and desolate areas of parking lot, don;t stay alone and for a long time in such places if you happen to be there.

Car security is above all, so to prevent car theft it is important to take care about cool and effective car alarm gadget to feel calm and confident that you will hear a loud noise if someone decide to get inside it.

What do you think about car security solutions? What car alarm do you choose?




Technaxx_Universal_Mobile_&_Auto_Alarm_TX-100_6097 (3).jpg

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