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  1. We might have the very exact solution for you. As we understand it, you need product listings (title, description, specs, image) to be fed to your own system / or custom built system, so you and your customer can search and order for a specific part on your website, correct?
  2. We are DataSN and glad to be part of the Auto Parts Forum community! We would like to offer something truely unique so please forgive me for posting here evangelizing our data set. If you want to open up an online auto parts store, the first thing you need is the auto parts data software so you can manage your inventory and showcase parts to your customers. We have just that. General Information ====================================== Database Title: 1899-2019 Auto Parts Catalog Data by Make, Year, Model, Engine / Trim (US) Database URL: https://datasn.io/p/245 Database Price: $279.00 / year Samples or Demo: (Please see 'Data Samples' section) Download Size: 47.11 GB + 403.21 GB Number of Tables: 18 Primary Table Records: 40,140,182 Last Update: 2020-10-01 Data Description ====================================== Description: This is an auto parts catalog data set with a total of 40,140,182 auto parts for the North America markets, including vehicle parts for models, engines, and trims of United States, Canada, and Mexico. Each part has oem numbers, price, description, images, and are classified by 246 makes, 5,670 years, 30,920 models, 55,977 engines or trims, and 572 manufacturers, etc., and also by 26 top categories and further by 4,165 secondary categories. There are 18 tables in this database. The part images package has 13,818,499 files. Attachment / Associated Media ====================================== This database has attachment (associated images, videos, or any other media files). Download Size: 403.21 GB Number of Items: 13,818,499 Format(s): JPEG Samples or Demo: (Please see 'Media Files' section) Available Formats ====================================== Available Formats: While we do have a variety of formats available for our data sets, most popularly, MySQL, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, XML, please see reach us for actual formats available for this database. Purchase & Download ====================================== If you are interested in this database, please sign up on our site and subscribe to a plan. You will be directed to PayPal to make the payment. After payment, you will be immediately and automatically granted access to our API for the entire dataset. In case you need full download of the dataset, contact us on the website.
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