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  1. Hi there Car Part, During the Registration Process you ask for authentication in the form of entering in credit card credentials. How much do you charge, if anything at all? Thanks. Regards, Michael Lyons
  2. Interesting to say the least. I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask you. I've noticed that you have an e-commerce gateway on your website. Who exactly are you targeting these clutch plates to? Wholesalers or the general public? In addition, someone, might mistakenly assume that your clutch plates are universal. I've also noticed that you have make of the vehicle in the header as a bread crumb. It's not in the description of said product. Anyways, it's a nice corporate website. Best Regards, Michael Lyons CEO/Founder Mypafway www.mypafway.com
  3. Hey Jamie. Check out Premier Wheels Direct's website at https://www.premierwheelsdirect.com/. They may be able to help you out. Ask for Mike MP and tell him that Michael from Mypafway sent you there. Thanks.
  4. Hi Kclubbe. I think those exhaust tips are fabricated. As for the steering wheel and the rim you can check eBay Motors or check Facebook. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi everyone, I wanted let everyone know that I can help you with your sourcing needs for Porsche parts. We sell and promote Porsche parts for 911's, 914's, 356's and etc. Connect and query with our merchants to see what parts they have in stock.
  6. Hi Zgirl66, I might be able to help you out. I can source out the exterior door trim for you, if you like.
  7. What parts are looking for your BMW X5 g05? Can you be more specific?
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