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  1. Here it is decal squeegee The multifunction flexible soft material is great for window Tints and PPF applications that will leave no scratching. Easy cleaning for the tint already applied on the windows. I've been using this for 2 years and it's suitable and A must-have tool for PPF and TINT, Vinyl Application. Hope you guys find this useful. Cheers;)
  2. Hey guys.... I've been using a product name reflective pinstripe for my car tire rims and they are really good.. I mean really. I have tried couple of other products but the results given by reflective pinstripe is awesome Here are some qualities of it.. * Helps to make your car visible on unlit lanes and low-lit roads. * Helps to reduce curb damage to your wheels. *Can save the time and expense of having your wheels refurbished. *Available in Silver and Red. * Easy to apply in just a few seconds. Hope you guys found it useful...
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