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vika 5Q0919050P for skoda vw audi seat auto parts 

Yu Billy
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5Q0919050P common fault
1. The oil quality is poor and the gasoline filter replacement time is long.
Poor fuel quality will cause more impurities in the fuel tank, which will easily cause the fuel pump to be blocked, pumping oil is difficult, and long-term high-load work will eventually lead to failure.
2. Long-term low fuel level driving
The fuel pump relies on gasoline for cooling, and long-term low fuel level driving will prevent the fuel pump from cooling and reduce its life.
3. Refueling is always filled up at once
If you often drive in the city and it is convenient to refuel, it is not necessary to fill up every time you refuel. Because this may cause oil float and sensor failure, and even cause distortion of the fuel gauge and increase fuel consumption.

Reference NO:5Q0919050P
Name:fuel delivery unit and sender for fuel gauge

vika 5Q0919050P applicable models:
OCT 13-18/KAR 18-
GOLF 13-17/GOSV 14-/TROC 18-
A3 13-17/A3CA 15-17/AQ2 17-/ATT 15-
AT 16-/LE 13-17

vika 5Q0919050P advantages:
Advantage 1: Anti-electromagnetic interference.
When the electronic fuel pump is working, it will be interfered by the electronic equipment on the car. The vika electronic fuel pump contains electronic components that inhibit IFA, thereby eliminating the interference of electronic equipment on the product.

Advantage 2: High closing valve pressure.
The pressure value of the closing valve of vika electronic fuel pump can reach 660kpa~800kpa;
The value of Bosch original products is generally between 450kpa and 600kpa.

Advantage 3: Innovatively increase innuendo function.
The mapping function can keep the oil pump housing always full of oil! Avoid not pumping oil due to insufficient pressure when the amount of oil is insufficient, cooling the pump core at all times, and effectively improving the service life.

Contact us
Purchase link:http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email:[email protected]

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