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8W0407505C for audi auto parts

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Control arm appears as a steering and transmission component in an automotive suspension system. It transmits various forces exerted on wheels to the car body, and meanwhile restricts wheels to certain paths.

Symptoms of a faulty 8W0407505C:
1.Noise (shriek, squeal, or rumble);
2.Worsening driving performance;
3.Increasingly difficult and inaccurate turning operation;
4.Uneven tyre wear.


Reference NO: 8W0407505C
Name: track control arm
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 8W0407505C:
A4 16-/A4Q 16-/A5CA 17-/A5CO 17-/RS4 18-/RS5 18

Advantages of vika 8W0407505C:
1.The BASF PA6 material is extremely stable in performance and not subject to temperature-induced expansion or contraction. These properties ensure great driving comfort;
2.The product features a lateral buckling strength of more than 100KN, equal to 7 times of full front axle load of a Lixiang ONE model;
3.The product is more durable and stable. Put in storage for 11 years at 120℃, its mechanical properties will generally experience no degradation. At a low temperature (-30℃), the material tension strength will remain largely unchanged;
vika recommendation: A flawed bearing or joint may be replaced individually if the control arm functions normally. However, given the high cost for replacing a bearing or joint, changing the whole set of control arm would be a safer and more affordable choice.

How often should 8W0407505C be replaced?
Replacement is required in special circumstances such as a deformed or cracked control arm owing to a severe impact. Particular attention should be paid to the following aspects during use:

1.Watch for rust: If rust appears on the control arm, be sure to have it treated at a 4S shop in order to prevent breaking and accident;
2.Avoid chassis scratch: Slow down the car while passing a bumpy road in order to avoid chassis scratch and prevent a crack from developing on the control arm. A damaged control arm may cause direction jitters and deflections;
3.Following replacement of a control arm, the four wheels need to be repositioned to avoid deflection or premature wear of certain wheels.

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Email: [email protected]

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